December Week 4
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Saturday, 02 January 2016

The New Year is already upon us, but this digest covers the final week of 2015. As this was a holiday period we selected some 5-star rated titles among the more than 100 books reviewed during the year. 


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December 24-30, 2015


Best Books of 2015



Google Changes Course For Android N   Wednesday 30 December

In a move that it hasn't officially announced, Google is replacing its implementation of the Java APIs in Android with OpenJDK alternatives. Does this mean that the Oracle v Google lawsuit is over?



Bitcoin Difficulty Jumps - A 50% Miner Is Possible   Wednesday 30 December

Bitcoin is one of the most interesting algorithmic experiments ever. It has a unique mix of clever procedures designed to stop cheating, however it is difficult to say if they are effective, not because of technology but psychology. Now we seem to be entering a new phase with hardware good enough to take control of the entire protocol. 



Microsoft Enforcing Slider Patent   Tuesday 29 December

If you want more evidence that software patents are insane, surely you can't, then look no further than the Microsoft slider patent and its lawsuit with Corel for infringing it.



Progress On WebAssembly   Tuesday 29 December

WebAssembly might change the way we program web apps. It might even make the distinction between web and native apps disappear all together. But for this to happen it has to be finalized and implemented. Mozilla has been busy working on the WebAssembly tool chain.



John Von Neumann Born On This Day In 1903   Monday 28 December

Neumann János Lajos was born in Budapest, Hungary on December 28, 1903. His family later changed his name to the German form, Johann von Neumann. In 1930 after accepting a position at Princeton University as a guest lecturer for one year he stayed on and became a citizen of the USA, affectionately known as Johnny Von Neumann.



Teenage Programmer Equals Cyber Criminal   Sunday 27 December

A new "information" video by the UK National Crime Agency raises a lot of subtle and not so subtle points. How can you tell if you have a computer genius or a hacker in your home? Is there a difference!



Celebrate Charles Babbage's Birthday With LEGO   Saturday 26 December

Charles Babbage was born in England on Boxing Day (December 26th) in 1791 and in the 19th century designed calculating engines that were the visionary forerunners of today's computers. Would you like your own model of the Analytical Engine? If so lend your support to the campaign for the Lovelace and Babbage LEGO set. 



Knuth's 21st Not Christmas Tree Lecture   Thursday 24 December

This year's annual lecture by Donald Knuth lecture is a keeper. It is on a topic that will be understandable even if you don't know a lot about it - commafree codes. 


The Core

Perl 6 First Official Release   Monday 28 December

Released on December 24, 2015, Perl 6 Version 1.0 is also  Perl 6.c or Perl 6 Christmas, a reference to this festive season. We look at why Perl 6 has taken so long to get to its first official release and how it will impact the Perl community.



Present and Future Values   Thursday 24 December

The principles of present and future value apply even if the cash flow is irregular. The calculations are just a matter of breaking down the cashflow calculations into simple steps,




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