November Week 4
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Saturday, 28 November 2015

I Programmer reports news of interest to developers. We cover new releases of languages and tools and a lot more besides. So if you want to catch up with what's been happening, read on.

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November 19 - 25 


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Android Studio 2 In Preview   Wednesday 25 November

Soon after the release of Android Studio 1.6 to the stable channel, Google is showing off what a full version 2.0 will look like. 



Minecraft Hour Of Code   Wednesday 25 November

This year's Hour of Code has added a Minecraft-themed activity to encourage kids to try coding.



Dart SDK Improves JavaScript Access   Tuesday 24 November

Dart 1.13 has been released with improved JavaScript interoperability.



Pivot Podcast Concludes - What Will Be Revealed?   Tuesday 24 November

The eighth episode of GE's Pivot Podcast has just been released. Will Sam and Ethan find the answers they need to launch DroneAble, which has grown in concept from an app to a start up company?



Firefox’s New Memory Tool   Tuesday 24 November

Browsers are having a hard time differentiating themselves sufficiently to make it worth making a choice. Firefox 44 Dev Edition has something that might make you want to use it when debugging. 



Visual Studio Code - Now With Added Extensions   Monday 23 November

Visual Studio Code is a strange product from Microsoft. It is a code editor, but Visual Studio it isn't. Now it's open source and you can build extensions for it. 



App Monitoring For Xamarin   Monday 23 November

Xamarin has released the latest version of its mobile developer suite, along with a real-time app monitoring service.



Internet of Things MOOC Starts Today   Monday 23 November

A free online course that looks at how the IoT works and the possibilities and threats it offers is just starting. It comes from King's College London and is on the Future Learn platform.



Word Of The Year Is An Emoji   Sunday 22 November

The Face with Tears of Joy emoji has become Oxford Dictionaries 2015 Word of the Year, raising the question of can an emoji be considered to have the status of a word.



Power Over WiFi - Really Wireless   Saturday 21 November

This sounds at first like a crazy idea, but it does seem to be possible to create completely wireless devices by sucking up the radio frequency power that now permeates almost every environment. Meet PoWiFi.



Android Studio 1.5 Released - Just Some Bug Fixes, Don't Get Excited   Friday 20 November

Android Studio 1.5 is sort of half way to 2.0 so it must be packed with new features right? Well, perhaps not. 



More Machine Learning From Udacity   Friday 20 November

Udacity has opened a new Nanodegree in Machine Learning. At advanced level it prepares you to apply predictive models to massive data sets in fields like education, finance, healthcare or robotics.



Eclipse IoT Contest   Thursday 19 November

There's a fast approaching submission deadline for the Open IoT Challenge organised by the Eclipse Foundation's Internet of Things (IoT) Working Group. Luckily all you have to do by November 23rd is to fill in a form outlining your idea.



Ionic Creator - Generate The Code   Thursday 19 November

Can applications be created without code? However utopian that might sound, it does not preclude the possibility of the process being eased in some way. Ionic's Creator is a cloud based tool that aims to do just that - reduce the tedious and  time consuming task of designing the UI to a mere drag and drop operation.



Microsoft Visual Studio Dev Essentials   Thursday 19 November

Microsoft has just announced a free "program".  Visual Studio Dev Essentials is a grab bag of tools and services that promises everything you need to create applications on any device, operating system or technology. The advice about taking candy from strangers comes to mind.


The Core

Exploring Edison - I2C Bus   Monday 23 November

The I2C bus is one of the most useful ways of connecting moderately sophisticated sensors and peripherals to the Edison. The only problem is that it can seem like a nightmare confusion of hardware, low level interaction and high level software. There are few general introductions to the subject because at first sight every I2C device is different, but here we present one.



Deep C# - Passing Parameters   Thursday 19 November

Passing parameters is easy as it always works in the same way, but the effects aren't always the same. It can be confusing and even error prone unless you understand how it all works. So does C# pass by value or reference?




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