October Week 4
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Friday, 30 October 2015

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  October 22 - 28, 2015



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Oracle's New JavaScript Framework   Wednesday 28 October

There is no error in the title, it should say "JavaScript". Since acquiring Sun Oracle might be associated with Java, but it has come to recognize the important of JavaScript and it has just released JET, a new framework.



W3C Developer Portal   Wednesday 28 October

The World Wide Web Consortium has launched W3C Developers as a "one-stop page" presenting its open source tools and asking devs to join in with its efforts and to make financial donations.



Couchbase Server 4.0 Now With N1QL   Wednesday 28 October

 The latest release of the Couchbase NoSQL distributed database is now generally available. Couchbase 4.0 has a new query language, N1QL that combines SQL with JSON.



RankBrain - AI Comes To Google Search   Tuesday 27 October

Google has revealed that AI is now playing a part in its search results. We don't have much information about exactly what it does or how it works, but this is the start of something big. 



MySQL 5.7   Tuesday 27 October

Oracle has announced the general availability of MySQL 5.7, with promises of greater performance, scalability and manageability, along with JSON support. 



Real Time Linux Project Revitalized   Tuesday 27 October

More and more microcontrollers are nothing of the sort - they are full machines running Linux. However, a powerful processor isn't enough you also need the OS to let you take advantage of it in real time. 



Mozilla Open Source Support Program   Monday 26 October

The Mozilla Foundation has launched the Mozilla Open Source Support program with an initial allocation of $1million which will be shared between up to 10 projects that Mozilla relies on.



New Learn To Code Course From Future Learn   Monday 26 October

A free course that teaches non-programmers to write their own program, one line of code at a time, starts today on the Future Learn platform. The focus of the course is data analysis using real world datasets.



Twitter Promising Devs A Better Future   Monday 26 October

At last week's Flight conference Twitter co-founder and its newly restored CEO, Jack Dorsey, issued an apology to developers in an attempt to "reboot" the company's relationship with us.



Facebook Launches TechPrep   Sunday 25 October

Facebook has launched its own initiative to encourage more people, in particular among the United States black and hispanic communities, to become programmers. Tech Prep is a mix of motivational material and links to selected educational resources.



Watching Paint Dry - GPU Paint Brush   Saturday 24 October

The joke about watching paint dry is about to backfire because this video of a simulated brush and paint interacting with a simulated canvas is amazing - and even more so when you know it is real time. 



Zend For PHP 7   Friday 23 October

 Zend Technologies has announced a range of products and services for PHP 7.



Cloud Security Webinar   Friday 23 October

A webinar on OpenStack sponsored by HP and Intel is scheduled for October 27th. The topics to be addressed is how security will be impacted by cloud philosophy.



SQLite 3.9   Thursday 22 October

The latest version of SQLite has been released with support for JSON and indexes on expressions.



Start Your Career With Udacity Nanodegree   Thursday 22 October

It is just a year since Udacity launched its Nanodegrees. Now it has added two more courses, making the total number uo to eight. One of the new additions is for iOS beginners; the other is for those with an idea for a startup.


The Core

Nuanced jQuery Versioning: Which to Choose   Thursday 22 October

jQuery is the most popularly used JavaScript library, having been around for more than eight years. Since web development has been changing rapidly in recent years, is this open source software still viable in 2015 and further on? What is new in jQuery 3?



Introduction to Cashflow   Monday 26 October

Understanding the way interest rates affect cashflow is the key to both savings and loans.This chapter of Financial Functions with a spreadsheet explores the relationship between Present Value and Future Value.



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