September Week 4
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Friday, 02 October 2015

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 September 24 - 30, 2015



MarshMallow Is Coming!   Wednesday 30 September

As well as some bits of hardware, Google just announced that the next version of Android was waiting to be released to the world - or the devices that are ready to accept it.



IBM's TrueNorth Rat Brain   Wednesday 30 September

IBM's TrueNorth project has reached a new stage - enough neurons to be comparable to a rat brain. Is this the future of AI?



JavaScript Added To NGINX   Tuesday 29 September

An implementation of JavaScript called nginScript has been launched to give additional scripting capabilities to the high-performance, open source, web server NGNIX .



Design JavaOne Tee-Shirt   Tuesday 29 September

JavaOne takes place in San Francisco from October 25-29. You can pre-register up until October 23 and there's still time to enter the JavaOne T-Shirt Design Challenge.



Erdos Conjecture Proven   Monday 28 September

This isn't big theory news like NP=P or anything similar, but it is a fascinating idea. About 80 years ago the remarkable and strange mathematician Paul Erdos formulated what seemed like a simple question about number sequences and it has only just been proved. 



The JavaScript Encyclopedia Work In Progress   Monday 28 September

Douglas Crockford has been working single-handed on a mammoth task to document JavaScript. Now he has allowed his unfinished project to go live as a work in progress that others can contribute to.



Helion Cloud Development Webinar With Code   Monday 28 September

HP has released details of the latest in its series of webinars on cloud development with HP technologies. Tomorrow's event will be a LiveCoding session.  



Rose Wins Loebner Bronze   Saturday 26 September

A chatbot called Rose outperformed three other finalists in the 2015 Lobener Prize contest, but was only awarded the annual prize for being the best conversationalist as Rose was clearly not a human.



Pearson Student Coding Contest   Friday 25 September

Students enter coding contests to help develop their own skills as well as to gain recognition and prizes. If you fancy building an app that can help learners learn you could win up to $5,000 dollars and an internship at Pearson. 



Firefox 41 Released, Firefox 42 In Beta   Thursday 24 September

The WebRTC feature that lets users engage in instant messaging with voice and video has been improved Firefox 41. Meanwhile Mozilla is asking for help in testing tracking protection in private browsing in Firefox 42, now in beta.



Visual Studio Tools Updates   Thursday 24 September

Microsoft has updated several developer tools, including TypeScript, Tools for Universal Windows apps, and Tools for Apache Cordova.  



The DMCA, Programmers And VWGate   Thursday 24 September

The news is full of how VW cheated on emissions test, but it isn't focused on our, that is the programmer's, role in the entire affair and it isn't highlighting the way the Digital Millennium Copyright Act makes it difficult to detect such illegal action.


The Core

Getting Started With jQuery - Advanced Ajax   Monday 28 September

So far in our exploration of jQuery we have used the "shorthand" Ajax methods. These are all implemented as calls the to the full jQuery ajax method and if you want to do anything slightly out of the ordinary then you need to make use of it directly. In this installment we look at controlling the request and sending data to the server 



Useful Windows Screensavers - Including Windows 10   Thursday 24 September

The screensaver is an example of a vestigial technology - it no longer serves its original purpose. However this doesn't mean it isn't useful in other ways and it is supported on all versions of Windows including Windows 10.



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