April Week 2
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Saturday, 18 April 2015

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April 9-15, 2015


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Picture A Probabilistic Language   Wednesday 15 April

Computer vision is a booming research area at the moment and now we have a successful return to a method that was proposed very early on - analysis by synthesis.



Survey Reveals Developer Preferences   Wednesday 15 April

The Stack Overflow Developer Survey reveals a lot about developer preferences regarding languages, operating systems, source control and whether they favor tabs or spaces. 



Chrome 42 Outlaws Java Plugin   Wednesday 15 April

Chrome 42 has just entered the stable channel and brings a change that many will find inconvenient and even damaging. By default Chrome now blocks NPAPI plug-ins.



Registration Now Open For Apple Developer Conference   Tuesday 14 April

Apple has announced that WWDC 2015 will take place June 8-12 and you have until  Friday, April 17 at 10am PT to apply for a ticket. Apple is also offering up to 350 Scholarships, giving students the chance to earn a free ticket.



Leslie Lamport On Programming As More Than Coding   Tuesday 14 April

There are a few lectures you should not miss - this is one of them.  It is about the tasks that you do before starting to code. 



New AWS Services   Tuesday 14 April

Amazon has announced Elastic File System, along with a Machine Learning service, at its AWS Summit in San Francisco.



Skype Translator Adds Chinese and Italian   Monday 13 April

Two more languages - Mandarin Chinese and Italian - have been included in Skype Translator, which provides speech-to-speech translation to enable  people who don't understand each other's language to communicate with one another.



Stack Overflow Developer Characteristics   Monday 13 April

More developers answered more questions than ever before for this year's Stack Overflow Developer Survey, making it the most comprehensive developer survey ever conducted. Here we look at its results regarding Age, Gender and Education.



Intel Boss Controls Robot Spider Army - With A Curie   Sunday 12 April

Intel is getting better at PR. At the recent Intel Developer Forum, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich took to the stage to demo its latest system-on-a-chip controlling an army of spiderbots.



Codes That Changed The World   Saturday 11 April

BBC Radio 4 has a short series on important programming languages that are currently available to download. Can you present the ideas and history of computing languages to a general audience?



Video Game Publishers Are Against Preserving Abandoned Games   Friday 10 April

The situation with respect to the Digital Millennium Copyright act and the preservation of computer games and other software is clear - you can't do it. The EFF asked the Copyright Office for an exemption, but the ESA has objected because all "Hacking" is illegal.



ReSharper for C++ 1.0 Released   Friday 10 April

JetBrains has released a new version of ReSharper Ultimate, its suite of .NET tools, that now includes the first public version of ReSharper for C++.  



Coinbase Online Bitcoin Hackathon   Thursday 09 April

Coinbase has announced a hackathon with $70,000 worth of prizes. It is a six-week online competition, deadline May 15, open to developers around the world with no requirements to be physically present.



Kivy 1.9 Released   Thursday 09 April

Kivy 1.9 is a major release of a popular cross-platform open source framework which makes use of OpenGL to create a standardized UI and graphics environment for Python.


The Core

Windows 10 Universal Apps - Adaptive Triggers   Thursday 09 April

With the new simpler approach to creating Universal Apps, we have to face the challenge of creating UIs that work on all devices irrespective of the screen real estate. There are a number of new facilities that make this easier than you might think.



Bill Gates - Before He Was Famous   Tuesday 14 April

Microsoft is mostly the invention of one man - Bill Gates. How did it all happen? We look at the early days of Microsoft and how Bill Gates steered it from nothing to a billion dollar business with nothing but code.  




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