February Week 1
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Saturday, 07 February 2015

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CoreCLR Now Open Source   Wednesday 04 February

Microsoft is pushing .NET further into open source. Now we have the part of the code that actually runs a .NET program. This means that the move to make .NET cross platform can begin.



Codebreaking Materials Devised by Turing Discovered   Wednesday 04 February

During restoration work at Bletchley Park, papers which had been stuffed between the roof rafters to act as insulation were discovered and found to include unique surviving examples of Banbury Sheets.



Twitter Anomaly Detection Open Sourced   Wednesday 04 February

The package, which is now on GitHub, is written in R and automatically detects anomalies such as spikes in data, which happen  on Twitter when a major news item breaks, or there's a major sporting event.



Know It Prove It A Learning Challenge   Tuesday 03 February

Microsoft Virtual Academy has provided a challenge to devs for the month of February with Know it Prove it. The idea is that you engage in one or more of eight learning challenges, each with 28 days of learning..



Using the Forge SDK - Guidance For Forgeathon   Tuesday 03 February

The second of two webinars intended to help contestants in Acision's Forgeathon challenge takes place at 16:00 UTC/GMT today. The first is now available to view on You Tube.



Raspberry Pi 2 - Quad Core And Runs Windows   Monday 02 February

The latest Raspberry Pi provides a new level of computer power for the same $35 price tag as the existing models. It really does change things.



The State Of .NET Core   Monday 02 February

It has only been a short time since Microsoft open sourced the ,NET framework and yet the project does seem to be taking on a life of its own. Is this the genie out of the bottle? 



Google Earth Pro Available Free   Monday 02 February

Google Earth Pro, an enhanced version of Google Earth, used to cost $399 per year. As of now it is free although it still requires a Licence Key from Google.



New Greek Finance Minister Sorted The Steam Economy   Sunday 01 February

Yanis Varoufakis, who has now at the center of the Greek financial crisis, which in turn will determine the future of the whole Eurozone economy, served as Valve's economist-in residence, overseeing the introduction of the Steam Market. Is this a good basis for his challenging new role?



The Imitation Archive A Soundscape of Computer History   Sunday 01 February

Award-winning sound artist and composer Matt Parker has embarked on a project at the UK's National Museum of Computing to capture the sounds of 70 years of computing and to use it as the basis of new musical compositions.



A Real World Ad Blocker   Saturday 31 January

If you use Adblocker when you visit a website then perhaps you would like to take the principle to the next level and eradicate all advertising from the real world? Sounds impossible, but with diminished reality, you can do it. 



Microsoft To Invest In CyanogenMod   Friday 30 January

CyanogenMod is the strangely named company that has just raised $70 million in funding from Microsoft. What does CyanogenMod do? It makes alternative versions of Android. 



Bitcoin Course Offered Free Online   Friday 30 January

A course on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies, consisting of video lectures plus homework, programming assignments, and a textbook is being made available online starting on February 16.



Android Support in Groovy 2.4   Thursday 29 January

Groovy 2.4  has been released with support for Android and there is also an update to its multi-purpose library SwissKnife which handles view injection and threading for Android using annotations. 



C# 7 - What Would You Put In?   Thursday 29 January

Microsoft's conversion to open source is very patchy, and sometimes seems to make little difference to how things work, but when it comes to C# things really do seem to have changed. 


The Core

Android Adventures - Getting Started With Android Studio 1.0   Tuesday 03 February

Google's Android Studio makes creating native Android apps very easy. You can get started in a few minutes and by the end of this article have your first working Android application. 

Now updated for Android Studio 1. 



Getting started with MIT App Inventor 2   Thursday 29 January

App Inventor is the ideal way to get started with programming, but getting started with App Inventor has some small problems all of its own. In this guide we find out the best way to write and run a simple program.




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