January Week 1
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Friday, 09 January 2015

During this first week of 2015 we looked back at the old year with a "keynote article"  identifying wearables as a major topic we can expect to hear more about and a Programmer's Bookshelf article summarizing all our reviews in 2014 in which the top rating of 5 was awarded.



Book Reviews

See also Best Books Of 2014 which extracts the main points from all our reviews in 2014 in which the top rating of 5 was awarded.



Training To Advance Your Career   Wednesday 07 January

With the start of the New Year you may be thinking about a new direction for your career or even going it alone with a startup. Here's a round up of some training opportunities that could help plus a tempting offer.



Acision Launches Forgeathon   Wednesday 07 January

Acision has announced a Richer Communications app challenge. Forgeathon is an online contest to submit a new or enhanced Android, iOS or web app or service using the forge SDK.



Marry Or Move On - There's An Algorithm For That   Tuesday 06 January

Algorithms are behind everything we do - it is just that sometimes we don't notice or don't want to notice.We have lots of different algorithms for finding a date, but what about deciding if this is the one for you?



Spider Dress Defends Your Space   Tuesday 06 January

A dress that responds aggressively when another person approaches too close is being showcased at this week's CES. The Intel Edison is the force behind this remarkable wearable design.



Google Cast For Audio - A Solution?   Tuesday 06 January

You would think that sending an audio stream to some device so that you could hear it would be a solved problem. Far from it! Google has just announced Cast for Audio based on its Chromecast mechanism. Is this good?



Google Cloud Dataflow SDK   Monday 05 January

Google has released a Java software development kit (SDK) for Cloud Dataflow, its cloud analytics system launched in 2014.



Komodo Is Computer Chess Champion Again   Monday 05 January

After its recent win in Season 7 of the TCEC computer chess tournament, Komodo has become the latest world champion and taken top slot in the computer chess rankings.




Kinect v1 Being Phased Out   Monday 05 January

Microsoft's Kinect Team has clarified that the availability of the Kinect v2 sensor and its SDK 2.0 means that sales of the original Kinect for Windows will cease during 2015. No more units will be manufactured once the existing stocks expire.



Hector The Robot Stick Insect   Sunday 04 January

Robots come in all shapes and sizes, but there is something fascinating about six-legged walking machines. Hector, the six-legged stick insect, is also interesting because each leg has a degree of autonomy.



17x17x17 Rubik Cube Solved In 7.5 Hours   Saturday 03 January

This is something of a puzzle, and I don't mean solving this huge Rubik's cube. Is this something to be proud of or is it just the tedious application of an algorithm better suited to a computer rather than a human?



The Amazing Dr Guero And His Walking Robots   Friday 02 January

The contributions of people outside the mainstream of things often get overlooked. The work of Dr Guero, a seemingly lone AI hacker, has been fascinating and amusing us for a while, but is there something of real value here?



OSS Watch Openness Rating   Thursday 01 January

The Open Source Software Watch has developed an openness rating tool that you can use to work out how open source a software project really is.


Professional Programmer

Best Books Of 2014   Tuesday 06 January

The criteria for inclusion in our end-of-the-year round up of titles reviewed during 2014 was that a book was awarded a 5-star rating. This is a significant accolade from any member of the I Programmer team and is awarded very sparingly.



2014 - A Keynote   Thursday 01 January

 What happened in 2014 in the programming world? What sums up the feel of the year and predicts what is worth getting excited about? Read our keynote and find out, or at least get some food for thought. 




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