November Week 3
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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Cloud-based services from Microsoft and Amazon figured in our recent news and so did opportunities for students to get experience of open source projects from Google and Facebook. Ceylon 1.0 was released and we broke  news of  js2js. Our digest for November 14-20 has these stories and more.



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Facebook's Open Academy Gets CS Students Involved In Open Source   Wednesday 20 November

Facebook has expanded its Open Academy scheme which aims to help computer science students prepare for a job in the software industry by contributing to open source projects is getting ready for its next session that starts in early February.



Google's Dart Reaches 1.0   Wednesday 20 November

Google's other language, Dart, has just been released as version 1.0 and it claims to be stable and ready to do real work. Is anyone interested? Does it have anything to offer? And can you rely on it to be around the next time you look?



Amazon AppStream Challenge On TopCoder   Wednesday 20 November

TopCoder has partnered with Amazon Web Services to launch two challenges to gather ideas from the TopCoder community about potential uses of the new AWS service AppStream.



Google Extends Patch Reward   Tuesday 19 November

Google's Patch Reward Program, launched last month with cash up to $3,133.70 on offer for contributing security improvements to open source software has been extended and the Android Open Source Project is the surprise inclusion.



Games - Where's the Revenue?   Tuesday 19 November

The vast majority of all revenue generated in the Apple App Store and Google Play comes from games.  Asian countries have a higher revenue share for games compared to North American and Europe.



Wolfram Language The Key To The Future?   Tuesday 19 November

Wolfram, of Mathematica and Alpha fame, has announced a new project that will change everything. It is a new language called Wolfram Language.



Amazon Kinesis For Real-Time Processing of Data   Monday 18 November

Amazon has announced Kinesis, a fully managed service for real-time processing of high-volume, streaming data.



Ceylon 1.0.0 Released   Monday 18 November

Ceylon is a modern, modular, statically typed programming language for the Java and JavaScript virtual machines. The first production release of the Ceylon language specification, compiler, and IDE are now available.



Google Updates Flu Model   Monday 18 November

Google has updated its Flu prediction model that uses search activity for information about flu to give accurate realtime estimates of the occurrence of the disease.



js2js The Revolution In JavaScript   Sunday 17 November

It's a logical step but one that people seem to have been avoiding. With JavaScript becoming the assembly language of the web, it is an obvious requirement that JavaScript should be treated on an equal footing with other languages. This really is the next big thing in JavaScript's evolution. 



inFORM Dynamic Shape Output   Saturday 16 November

3D input devices like the Kinect have made so many new things possible, but what about output? inFORM is a remarkably simple but effective device that has to be seen to be believed. 



Udacity Introducing Big Data Courses and Paid Enrollment   Friday 15 November

Udacity has announced two new initiatives this week - a new Data Science and Big Data Track and Paid Course Enrollment. The link between them is a focus on improving career prospects.



New API Commons Platform For Sharing APIs   Friday 15 November

Newly launched API Commons aims to help speed up the process of developing APIs by encouraging the sharing of API code and descriptions.



AngularJS 1.2 Released   Friday 15 November

An updated version of AngularJS, the Google JavaScript framework for creating web apps, has been released, with new features and improvements to animations and transitions.



Amazon AppStream - Let The Cloud Do The Heavy Lifting   Thursday 14 November

Amazon AppStream is a new service that deploys and renders apps on AWS infrastructure and streams the output to personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones, overcoming the limitations of the devices.



Visual Studio Goes Online - Cloud Based Cloud Development   Thursday 14 November

The Visual Studio launch should have been something of a yawn due to the simple fact that the program has been available on MSDN for a few weeks, but Microsoft took the opportunity to announce Visual Studio Online. 



Get Set for Google Code-In 2013   Thursday 14 November

Google Code-In is an opportunity for those aged between 13 and 17 to have an experience of real world coding and making a contribution to an open source project. It starts on November 18th.


The Core

A Programmer's Guide To Go With LiteIDE   Wednesday 13 November

Google's system programming language Go is becoming more mature and easier to use. Now is a good time to try it out with LiteIDE to make it even easier.  


Babbage's Bag

Hexadecimal   Tuesday 19 November

Hexadecimal is the most common way of displaying the raw data sitting in a machine's memory, but if you are not familiar with it you might ask "What the hex..?"


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