October Week 1
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Saturday, 12 October 2013

I Programmer reports news of interest to developers. Why, you may ask, did we cover the Nobel Prize for Chemistry? And how did a WildCat get onto our front page? And what is Shumway - not a mode of transport as its name might suggest!


 October 3 - 9


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Firefox OS Moves To 1.1   Wednesday 09 October

Mozilla has just released Firefox OS 1.1 with MMS support, a new push notifications API and more.



Nobel Prize For Computer Chemists   Wednesday 09 October

The Nobel prize for chemistry has been awarded to three chemists who moved chemistry from the lab and into software. 



Percona Server 5.6 Released   Wednesday 09 October

A new version of Percona Server has been released, claiming features equalling MySQL 5.6 Community Edition plus scalability, availability, backup, and security features found only in MySQL 5.6 Enterprise Edition.



Admissions Open For Online CS Masters Degree   Tuesday 08 October

The Georgia Tech Online Master of Science in Computer Science (OMS CS), being offered on the Udacity MOOC platform, is now accepting applications for Spring 2014 Semester. Numbers for this first presentation are limited and you need to satisfy the admission criteria.



Google Play Introduces New Analytics   Tuesday 08 October

Developers will be able to find out more about the users of their apps by linking Google Analytics to their Google Play Developer Console accounts.



Data Mining Explored In SQL Server Pro Magazine   Tuesday 08 October

How do you get started in Data Mining? The lead feature in the October 2013 issue of SQL Server Pro has everything you need to know with detailed step-by-step  examples.



Raspberry Pi To Star In Class?   Monday 07 October

Computer Science is being officially included England's national curriculum. During September details of what will be expected at each of the four key stages were announced and a video course was launched to help students and teachers.



PostgreSQL Studio Released   Monday 07 October

A web-based GUI that lets users connect to PostgreSQL databases through a browser has been released.



IPython Sponsored By Microsoft   Monday 07 October

Microsoft has donated $100,000 to sponsor IPython’s continued development.



Alert(1) And Win - A Hack JavaScript Challenge   Sunday 06 October

What's the best way to understand the vulnerabilities in code? Hack it yourself. This is the idea behind Alert(1) and Win  - a set of JavaScript hacking puzzles.



WildCat Quadruped Leads The Pack   Saturday 05 October

If you have seen BigDog and other robots from Boston Dynamics, then you need to complete your collection with WildCat, a fast running quadruped robot.



At Last You Can Install Web Apps In Android   Friday 04 October

Web apps are a great idea. You can write them once and run them anywhere. However until now, you couldn't install a web app on Android - it had to be run in the browser. Now a new menu item overcomes the problem.



Online High School Coding Competition   Friday 04 October

CreateHS is a newly launched website that promises a new monthly challenge suitable for youngsters who have started to learn programming and are looking for challenges - with prizes - to motivate them.



WCF Data Services 5.6 With JSON Support   Friday 04 October

Microsoft has released Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Data Services 5.6 with support for Visual Studio 2013, portable libraries and direct support for Entity Framework 6+.



Intel Inside - The Arduino Galileo   Thursday 03 October

Arduino has just announced two new processor boards - the Intel based Galileo and the Arduino TRE powered by Texas Instruments Sitara AM335x. Of the two it is the Intel-based design that is going to open new doors.



DRM APIs To Be Part of HTML5 Standard   Thursday 03 October

Tim-Berners Lee, director of W3C, (WorldWide Web Consortium, the body responsible for web standards) has approved a new charter for the HTML Working Group that allows work to continue on the controversial Encrypted Media Extension.



Shumway - Flash In HTML5 Is Part Of Firefox   Thursday 03 October

What to do with Flash is a big problem for browsers. It seems that Mozilla's solution is to implement Flash using just HTML and JavaScript and that the technology is now ready to be added to the browser.


The Core

Android Adventures - Pickers   Tuesday 08 October

Pickers are important ways to get user input, but they have been through so many revisions that they lack simple documentation or guidelines how to use them. Working with Pickers - date, time or number - can be a confusing mess. Let's see if we can make it all seem logical. 



Functional And Dysfunctional Programming   Thursday 03 October

This week's xkcd cartoon raises a can of worms - not a pretty picture. What is functional programming? Surely all our programs should function in some way or other? No - that's not what it means. Functional programming is altogether different....


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