May Week 3
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Saturday, 25 May 2013

If you want to get up to speed on stuff that affects you as a developer, I Programmer Weekly is a digest of book reviews, articles and news written by programmers, for programmers.  This one covers May 16 - 22.



This Week's Book Reviews



Win A PhoneGap Book - Final Few Days   Wednesday 22 May

If you haven't yet entered our competition to win a copy of PhoneGap Mobile App, you have until May 25th to correctly identify what Phone Gap is.



New XBox One - New Kinect   Wednesday 22 May

The gaming world has been waiting for the new XBox and Microsoft has just announced some vague details of what is waiting in the wings. But just as important is news of the new Kinect that is an essential part of the new system.



Google Shuts Services But Quietly   Wednesday 22 May

Over the past week Google has quietly shut down a number of services while getting us to focus on its shiny new offerings. But there have been some important casualties. The mentality of slash and burn seems to be alive and well at Google. 



Kivy 1.7 Released   Tuesday 21 May

A new version of Python library Kivy has been released with an Android Emulator and innovations for organizing widgets and addons.



Gmail Adds Actions - Do You Want to Use Them?   Tuesday 21 May

The idea of including standard actions within emails might be a good one - but whose standard? Actions turn email into powerful interactive mini-apps and a source of valuable information for Google. So should you employ this proprietary technology? 



Arduino IDE 1.0.5 Released   Tuesday 21 May

The last of the Version 1 Arduino IDE upgrades has been released. It may only be a decimal point change, but there is a lot going on at the moment.



Clippy Lives! This Time In JavaScript   Monday 20 May

If you remember Clippy then the idea that he is back might make your blood run cold - but this time it's different. Clippy, and his friends Merlin, Rover and Links, are back in the form of a JavaScript library. Maybe they were just before their time.



Terra - A Language For Lua   Monday 20 May

A new low-level programming language, Terra, has been designed to work with Lua to generate code for high performance computing.



Android Gets New Geo APIs   Monday 20 May

One of the smaller items of news from Google IO is that there are now three new Android Geo APIs that will make it easier to build location and activity information into apps. 



Arduino Yún Brings WiFi   Sunday 19 May

The Arduino Yún has been unveiled as the first of a family of wifi products that combine Arduino with Linux by using a system on a chip running Linino, a customized version of OpenWRT.



Accredible - Show Off Your Success   Sunday 19 May

Accredible is a recent edtech service that helps you create certificates, or rather certificate portfolios, to demonstrate your achievements on any type of learning, including MOOCs and online courses. It is running a contest to the end of May for the best certificates made using its service.



The Official Arduino Robot   Saturday 18 May

The new Arduino robot looks a bit like a robot vacuum cleaner, but it has a lot more going for it and it certainly doesn't suck - well not unless you add an air pump to it. 



Intern at Google - Film, Fiction and Fact   Saturday 18 May

A job at Google - who wouldn't leap at the chance. In this movie, being released in June, two recently laid off 40-something salesmen have got an interview for an internship at Google that might in turn lead to a job. The results are hilarious. 



Create A Transit App - $50K In Prizes   Saturday 18 May

MTA App Quest is a global online contest to provide solutions that will help improve the daily commute of those using New York State's Metropolitan Transit Authority.



Enum Causes Controversy for Python 3.4   Friday 17 May

After years of debate on the issue, a proposal to include an enumeration type in Python 3.4 has been approved. But it has already been criticized as being an awkward compromise.



Inside SQL Server Pro Magazine May 2013   Friday 17 May

If you’re a Business Intelligence (BI) power user, May's issue SQL Server Pro magazine’s cover story will help you get the most out of Microsoft  Power View. There's also plenty for SQL devs.



Intel Beacon Mountain For Android   Friday 17 May

Intel has just released Beacon Mountain - an Android development environment. You might be wondering why anyone would need another Android development environment? The answer in this case is the Atom.



A New Dawn - Google's Android IDE   Thursday 16 May

Yawn, not much happening at Google I/O this year. Well you can't expect it to be exciting every year. What! What's this - an official Android IDE! It can't be! Why isn't this headline news? Well it is here!



Google Takes On Ad-Blocker Microsoft   Thursday 16 May

What seems like a small spat between Google and Microsoft over a new You Tube app for WP8 is actually a lesson to all of us, and might set a precedent in a much wider context. 


Professional Programmer

Microsoft v The Developers   Friday 17 May

Build 2013 is on the horizon and it is time, once again, for Microsoft programmers to consider their positions. Has Microsoft sold the desktop in an effort to buy mobile? 


The Core

Android Adventures - Getting Started With Android Studio   Monday 20 May

Google's new Android Studio makes creating native Android apps very easy. You can get started in a few minutes and by the end of this article have your first working Android application. This is the first part of an ebook on programming Android.



The Web - The Early Years   Wednesday 22 May

A time before the World Wide Web? Yes, there was one. In fact the Web is quite young and we are just celebrating its 20th birthday. Can you imagine, or remember, an Internet without it?



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