September - Week 5
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Saturday, 06 October 2012

TypeScript Microsoft's new superset of JavaScript was announced this week - and we already have a "Getting Started" on this new language from Anders Hejlsberg. We also have an article on JavaScript Regular Expressions - that applies equally well to TypeScript. This digest also covers everything else we found newsworthy from Thursday September 27th to Wednesday October 3rd.

TypeScript Microsoft's new superset of JavaScript was announced this week - and we already have a "Getting Started" on this new language from Anders Hejlsberg. We also have an article on JavaScript Regular Expressions that applies equally well to TypeScript. And now for the rest of our new content from Thursday September 27th to Wednesday October 3rd.



This Week's Book Reviews



jQuey Mobile 1.2 Released   Wednesday 03 October

The final release of jQuery Mobile 1.2.0 is available and brings with it a new popup widget, an autodivider and a collapsible option for listviews, plus over 100 enhancements and fixes throughout the library.



Oracle 12c Supports Multi-Tenancy   Wednesday 03 October

Oracle is launching a cloud-based multi-tenant database to be available in 2013.



Windows 8 Fails to Gain Ground   Wednesday 03 October

Windows 8 is due to be released this month, on October 25, and you would expect there to be a lot of activity on the part of developers and a lot of enthusiasm on the part of early adopters. So what it its current state?



An Open Source Dyslexic Font   Tuesday 02 October

Programmers seem to be prone to dyslexia, or is it that dyslexics are prone to programming? Whatever the cause, an open source dyslexic font is welcome news.



The Lifecycle Of An Apple Developer   Tuesday 02 October

Occasionally we see a cartoon that is just so true it makes you cry. Follow the typical Apple developer's life cycle and if you can raise a smile then you are clearly an Android developer..



Lessons From Teaching Python Online   Tuesday 02 October

What does it take to design a successful online programming course? Some insights are provided by the team behind CS Circles, which offers a Python course for beginners.



TypeScript - Microsoft's Replacement For JavaScript   Monday 01 October

Microsoft has just announced a new programming language - TypeScript. It's targeted at replacing JavaScript by being more maintainable in large projects. Do we need yet another JavaScript replacement?



Google Sweeps Away More Features   Monday 01 October

Users are unlikely to miss many of the features that Google has decided to scrap in the latest round of its spring cleaning campaign - but two of the changes have potential financial impact.



Bots Account for 10% of Web Traffic   Monday 01 October

Bot traffic appears to be growing and is a problem for programmers, publishers and advertisers as this infographic shows.



Mobile Developers Still Prefer iOS   Sunday 30 September

The factor that has most influence on developers choice of mobile platform is having a large installed base of devices. Even so the latest survey sees a further decline in support for Android, with iOS still the firm favorite.



PlaceRaider - Your Phone Can Steal A 3D Model Of Your Location   Sunday 30 September

Your phone can now be hijacked by malware to take photos of your surroundings and allow an attacker to build a 3D model from the data. Once built, the model lets an attacker explore to find weaknesses, gather information and steal secrets.



Python 3.3 Released   Saturday 29 September

After a few release candidates, Python 3.3 is ready to be used for real. The biggest change is the new yield from expression, there are also some new library modules and a range of small improvements.



Quadrotors Play Ball   Saturday 29 September

Quadrotors are still the robot of choice when you want to work in 3D. Not content with doing stunts like flying through small spaces, the latest video demonstrates co-operation in the form of throwing a ball - it's more impressive than you might think.



TweetMeme Shuts Down   Saturday 29 September

With less than a week's notice TweetMeme is to shut completely on October 1st and the green Retweet button which was used by half a million websites has already disappeared.



Mozilla Persona - One Password For All Sites   Friday 28 September

Persona, Mozilla's attempt to eliminate site specific passwords on the Web has now entered Beta.



Azure Continuous Deployment With Git   Friday 28 September

Developers creating apps for Windows Azure can now use Git in continuous deployment modes, and can integrate with projects hosted on CodePlex and GitHub.



Google Apps Drops Microsoft Formats   Friday 28 September

Google is removing support for the traditional Microsoft Office formats from its Google Apps software.



Adobe Launches Edge Cloud-Based Tools   Thursday 27 September

Meet Adobe's new Edge family of new and rebranded tools that might be enough to convince you of the advantages of subscribing to Adobe's Creative Cloud.



RIM - BlackBerry 10 Could Be Bigger Than Windows Phone 8   Thursday 27 September

RIM is still pushing ahead with its plans to stay in the mobile phone game. Its annual developer conference is being used to showcase the BlackBerry 10 and its new tools.



Google Civic Information API   Thursday 27 September

If you want to build apps that make use of voting information on the web, there’s a new Google API that lets you incorporate the information.


The Core

Getting Started With TypeScript   Wednesday 03 October

There is nothing like the thrill of you first few minutes with a new language and they don't come any newer than Microsoft's TypeScript. Find out what the fuss is about and if there is any point in using it.



Master JavaScript Regular Expressions   Friday 28 September

Regular expressions can seem complex but the biggest reason for this is that most programmers don't take them seriously enough. Spend just a little time finding out how they work and you can do amazing things.


Babbage's Bag

Coding Theory   Monday 01 October

Information theory – perhaps one of the most remarkable inventions of the twentieth century - naturally leads on to the consideration of how information can be coded and hence coding theory.


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