July - Week 2
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Saturday, 14 July 2012

A digest of the week's news, articles and book reviews on I Programmer from Thursday, July 5th to Wednesday, July 11th. In addition to twenty news item, we published a popular feature about being a woman developer, an interview with the creator of IronJS, and a further chapter of a very timely e-book on WinRT Javascript.


A digest of the week's news, articles and book reviews on I Programmer from Thursday, July 5th to Wednesday, July 11th. In addition to twenty news item, we published a popular feature about being a woman developer, an interview with the creator of IronJS, and a further chapter of a very timely e-book on WinRT Javascript.



This Week's Book Reviews



Jelly Bean Source Code Released   Wednesday 11 July

Google has officially released the Jelly Bean source code, merging it into the current Android Open Source Project (AOSP) codebase, which lets anyone download and tinker with the Android operating system. 



OUYA A $99 Open Games Platform Gets $1 million - For What?   Wednesday 11 July

On the surface it all sounds like a really good idea. The OUYA games console is planned to be an open competitor to the likes of Xbox and PS3. It seems so good that it has been crowd funded to the tune of $1 million - but why exactly is it needed?



Imagine Cup 2012 - Results   Wednesday 11 July

The Imagine Cup 2012 Worldwide Finals have recently taken place in Sydney, Australia and Microsoft has announced the winners.



Raspberry Pi Code Contest for Kids   Tuesday 10 July

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched a $1,000 Summer Code contest for children and teenagers to create software using its microcomputer.



GitHub Android App   Tuesday 10 July

You can now use GitHub from an Android device, enabling you to work with code issues from almost anywhere.



YouTube Android Player API   Tuesday 10 July

A YouTube Android Player API was  'pre-announced' at Google I/O, and while the full announcement and release is still in the future, the API is available for use now.



StatCounter's Animated Map Shows Shifting Browser Landscape   Monday 09 July

If you look back four years Internet Explorer was the dominant browser almost everywhere in the world. A couple of months back Chrome overtook IE in worldwide terms, but IE still rules over a lot of territory.



Learn 6502 Assembler The Easy Way   Monday 09 July

For the majority of programmers there really isn't any need to learn assembler, but if you do you will find that you understand how everything works so much better. A new resource introduces you to 6502 assembler with a live environment where you can try out your programs.



FSF Restricted Boot Campaign   Monday 09 July

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has chosen the winning entry in its Restricted Boot webcomic contest. Erik Steinmann's cartoon, which draws attention to the "Secure Boot" feature in Windows 8 ARM-based machines is currently on display on the FSF home page.



Face.com Drops API and iOS App   Sunday 08 July

If you need a lesson in not basing your future on someone else's API, here is one. Face.com, recently acquired by Facebook, has announced that it is winding up it face recognition API.



MagPi - A Raspberry Pi Magazine Reaches Issue 3   Sunday 08 July

After a slow start, the free magazine telling you all about Raspberry Pi has improved a lot and has reached Issue 3. Given it is free, you don't have much to lose, even if you read it dreaming about the day your Raspberry Pi might arrive.



Top World Wide Websites   Sunday 08 July

It isn't news that Google is the world's top website - but it isn't top everywhere. There are parts of the world where other sites have ousted Google from its usual No 1 position.



Microsoft Cliplets Now Do GIF   Saturday 07 July

Cliplets are "Harry Potter" magic photos that look like still images, except for the fact that they move. Until now viewing the result of your creative skills was difficult, but now you can create an animated GIF which can be viewed almost anywhere.



Social Media Apps For Couples   Saturday 07 July

When thinking about social media, it is usually in terms of reaching as many people of possible. However, it seems there's another market niche that deserves attention - that of one-to-one communication between couples.



Objective-C Overtakes C++ in TIOBE Index   Friday 06 July

An interesting change was noted in July's TIOBE Index of programming languages. Objective-C has overtaken C++ to assume third place, behind Java and C.



Wearable Tech To Help Control Stress   Friday 06 July

This Arduino-based wearable pet isn't just a fashion accessory. It's purpose is to give the wearer instant feedback about their emotional state. But first you need to hack your own biofeedback monitor.



Social Networks, Suicide and Statistics   Friday 06 July

The data that is available in social networks is often used to detect the opinion of the crowd - but can it reveal the state of mind of the individual. New research suggests that some simple but non-obvious characteristics of social network use are related to suicide.



GWT Swept Under Open Source   Thursday 05 July

Google is  handing over control of its GWT (Google Web Toolkit) for browser application development to a steering committee. A release candidate of GWT 2.5, the final Google-directed release, is also available and features compiler optimizations.




Eclipse Developer Survey   Thursday 05 July

The results of this years Eclipse Open Source Developer Survey include some interesting finding about what motivates participation in open source projects and motivates developers to build apps in their free time.



Microsoft Introduces TechNet/MSDN License Restrictions   Thursday 05 July

Microsoft has altered the TechNet license so that subscribers will no longer have the legal right to use the software downloaded under the license once the subscription term is over. The reasoning behind the change is to cut down on software piracy by rogue subscribers who sell or pass on their product keys to other people.


Professional Programmer

IronJS - In Conversation with Fredrik Holmstrom   Wednesday 11 July

What advantages are there to implementing a dynamic language for the .NET platform and the DLR? How does it work? What better way than to ask someone that has already done it.



A Woman at Google I/O   Friday 06 July

Android developer, Kimberly Spillman went to this year's Google I/O and reports on the experience of being a woman in a male-dominated event for a male-dominated profession and shares some of her ideas for much needed  change.



WinRT JavaScript - Working with Tiles & Notification   Monday 09 July

Live tiles are a big plus if you are designing for Metro/WinRT and, as long as you understand how it all works, it isn't difficult to implement updates.


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