June - Week 1
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Saturday, 09 June 2012

A digest of the week's news, articles and book reviews on I Programmer from Thursday May 31st to Wednesday June 6th. If you missed our items on Super Seeing, the Joggobot Quadrotor or Windows 8, here's another chance.

A digest of the week's news, articles and book reviews on I Programmer from Thursday May 31st to Wednesday June 6th. If you missed our items on Super Seeing with Eulerian Magnification, the Joggobot Quadrotor or Windows 8 Relelase Preview, here's another chance.




This Week's Book Reviews



IPv6 Day - The Internet Just Got Bigger   Wednesday 06 June

Just over a year ago IPv6 was turned on for a day just to check that everything worked. Today, June 6th 2012, IPv6 has been switched on for good. This is the day the Internet got big enough for everyone - with 340 billion, billion, billion, billion addresses.



Making Apps Pay   Wednesday 06 June

If you need convincing that is is good idea to create cross-platform apps, here is some evidence and news of a new tool to help you do it.



JavaScript The Evil Parts - You Can't Maintain It.   Wednesday 06 June

In a recent panel discussion at Lang.NEXT, Anders Hejlsberg claimed that JavaScript programs aren't maintainable.



Koubachi Cares for Your Plants   Tuesday 05 June

Hopeless at plant care? A Wi-Fi Plant Sensor that can give you realtime information about a plant's vitality might be the answer. And it's a great example of a type of app that might flourish.



Bing Translator replaces Babel Fish   Tuesday 05 June

Users of Yahoo's Babel Fish are discovering that the translation service they have relied on for years has quietly exited. Instead they are redirect to Microsoft's Bing Translator.



Super Seeing - Eulerian Magnification   Monday 04 June

If you have ever wanted the vision of a super hero then Eulerian Magnification, a new image processing algorithm, is just what you have been looking for. It can see your pulse at great distances, and perceive tiny movements that are otherwise invisible.



Eddie and Kinect Co-Star in Robotics Projects   Monday 04 June

All three prize-winning projects in the Microsoft Robotics@Home competition used the Kinect Sensor. The Grand Prize went to Smart Tripod, an invention every videographer would love to own.




A Computable Universe - Roger Penrose On Nature As Computation   Sunday 03 June

A Computable Universe is a collection of papers on the nature of computation and computation in nature. Is it time that computation took its place as the theory of everything?



You're Never Alone With A Joggobot Quadrotor   Sunday 03 June

If you are used to quadrotors doing menacing things like surveillance or flying though open windows, then meet Joggobot - your friendly jogging buddy.




Udacity Announces Certification Option   Sunday 03 June

Online "digital university" Udacity has announced a partnership with Pearson VUE that enables them to offer students the option of a certified credential.



Using a Second Screen Now the Norm   Saturday 02 June

The second screen phenomenon has exploded following the emergence firstly of mass market smartphones, and more recently of tablets.



Windows 8 Release Preview - Ready or Not   Saturday 02 June

A day earlier than expected the Windows 8 Release Preview is ready for download. What has changed and is it enough?



Alan Turing at Bletchley Park   Friday 01 June

A video in which IEEE Computer's Charles Severance visits Bletchley Park makes the link between Turing's wartime service and his other achievements.



Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate Available   Friday 01 June

You can now download and try out the release candidate of Visual Studio 2012, which was called Visual Studio 11 until this point.



Judge Rules Oracle's Java APIs Not Copyrightable   Friday 01 June

Judge Alsup has delivered his verdict on the issue of whether or not the API packages involved in Oracle's claim of copyright infringement against Google were copyrightable. His ruling is that in this specific case the elements replicated by Google were "free for all to use under the Copyright Act."



Your Phone or Mine? Fusing Body, Touch and Device   Thursday 31 May

Another novel use for the Kinect. It can work out which of multiple users is interacting with a multi-user interactive
touch display.



Correction Facility Added to Google Website Translator   Thursday 31 May

One of the fascinations of using Google Translate to view a website in a foreign language in your native language is to see where it all goes wrong. Now Google has provided a facility for making corrections.


Professional Programmer

Windows 8 Release Preview - Marriage of Inconvenience   Friday 01 June

Windows 8 has hit a milestone - the Release Preview - now we should be looking at a more-or-less feature complete operating system. So how does it stack up to the requirements? Is it simply genius or simply stupid?


The Core

Simple Runtime Framework by Example   Wednesday 06 June

These days we are  surrounded by different software frameworks. Java, and .NET to name but two, and, there are many more. Have you ever wondered how they work or have you ever wanted or needed to implement one?



The Programmer's Guide To The Transfinite   Monday 04 June

You may have heard a rumor that infinity comes in a number of different types. Now you can get to the bottom of the theory and the misconceptions with Aleph Zero and all that , a programmer's view of the transfinite numbers.



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