April - Week 5
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Saturday, 05 May 2012

A digest of the week's news, articles and book reviews on I Programmer from Thursday April 26th to Wednesday May 2nd.


This Week's Book Reviews

  • Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design
    An in-depth look at JavaScript.If you are a potential reader, be prepared to learn a lot and possibly to work at it a little.
  • The Developer's Code
    Billed as the "guidance you need to get started". Is it useful?

  • Webbots, Spiders, and Screen Scrapers
    In this age of HTML5 and the semantic web it is surprising that we have to even consider such low level ways of interacting with web pages as bots, spiders and scrapers - but we do! This book promises to explain how it all works.



Win a copy of "Making Things See"   Wednesday 02 May

The Kinect is a device that has a huge potential - if you only understand how to harness it. This is where "Making Things See" can help and O'Reilly has provided 10 e-book copies for winners of a prize draw.



Twitter Can't Predict Elections Either   Wednesday 02 May

While it seems that big data can solve more or less any problem, there are some things it just isn't up to. Using social network data to judge public opinion and specifically to predict the outcome of elections seems as it if is a rock solid data mining application, but is it?



New Microsoft Certifications   Wednesday 02 May

Microsoft has made fundamental changes to its certification program. The previous accolades MCSE and MCSD are back - but now they stand for something different.



Metro for jQuery Mobile   Tuesday 01 May

If you’re developing web apps for Windows Phone 7.5, you can now download the Metro style theme for JQuery Mobile.



Google Translate Exceeds 200 Million   Tuesday 01 May

Google Translate now has over 200 million monthly active users and can be used to translate between 64 different languages.



Microsoft Backs NOOK with $300m   Monday 30 April

Microsoft has settled its differences with Barnes & Noble by taking a 17.6% stake in a new subsidiary that may provide it with an ARM tablet on which to run Windows 8.



Cube - Google Provides Fun with Maps   Monday 30 April

Google has come up with a game that showcases both WebGL and Google Maps.



Grace Hopper Award Goes to CAPTCHA inventor   Monday 30 April

Luis von Ahn, creator of CAPTCHA techniques, is the latest winner of  Grace Murray Hopper Award for "the outstanding young computer professional of the year.".



KegDroid - The Ideal Bar Gadget   Monday 30 April

If you are looking for an exciting hardware project, KegDroid deserves a look. It is a sophisticated system that involves Android, Arduino, NFC, plumbing and - beer. You have heard of desktop and laptop apps now we have bartop apps to add to the list.



Google's Zerg Rush Easter Egg Goes Viral   Sunday 29 April

Google's has an established tradition of giving users hidden or unexpected surprises. The latest one is currently encouraging millions of users, who may never have heard of them, to shoot "zerglings".



The Greatest Machine Never Built (Video)   Sunday 29 April

Computers were invented in the 1830s by the Victorian mathematician Charles Babbage. Many of us know this, but if you watch this video you will come to understand just what this actually means.



Android Developer Survey (Infographic)   Sunday 29 April

Have you ever wondered what kind of people make Android apps? This infographic has answers, not only about their working environment but also about their pastimes and preferences



Bletchley Park Hosts 2012 Loebner Prize   Saturday 28 April

As part of the Alan Turing centenary celebrations, this year's Loebner Prize competition to find the world’s best conversational computer program will be held on 15 May 2012 at Bletchley Park.



DreamSpark Revitalized and Extended   Saturday 28 April

Microsoft has revamped its DreamSpark program that gives students free versions of software including Visual Studio, Expression Studio and Kudo Game Studio.



Face Recognition Applied to Portraits   Saturday 28 April

Face recognition techniques usually come with a certain amount of controversy. A new application, however, is unlikely to trigger any privacy concerns because all of the subjects are long dead.



Azure Gamified - More Badges!   Friday 27 April

Due to the popularity of its badges for coding achievements, Microsoft has extended the scheme to the Windows Azure environment.



Google's SketchUp Acquired by Trimble   Friday 27 April

Google is still shedding products but this time it appears to be selling, rather than just dumping, one. SketchUp, the 3D modelling tool, is being aqcuired by Trimble.



Redis - Open Source from Microsoft   Friday 27 April

Microsoft’s new open source subsidiary has released its first offering - a new version of Redis for Windows.



CISPA - Biggest Danger Since SOPA/ACTA   Thursday 26 April

CISPA, the  Cyber Intelligence Security and Protection Act, is being debated today in the U.S. House of Representatives, ahead of a vote tomorrow. What does it mean for internet users? What can we do about it?
: House approves CISPA



Bitcoin Idea Gets $500,000 funding   Thursday 26 April

Would you hand over some of your computational resources in return for free game play? If you know anything about Bitcoin this seems like a crazy idea - or is this a new revenue stream for games and apps?



Apple's WWDC Conference Sold Out   Thursday 26 April

Tickets for this year's developer conference were all snapped up within 2 hours of going on sale. If, however, you are a student you can still win a free ticket.


The Core

JavaScript Data Structures - the String Object   Friday 30 March

The String is the most basic and most useful of the JavaScript data structures. It can also be used as a starting point for, or be incorporated into, many other data structures. Let's see how it all works.



Kinect SDK1 - A 3D Point Cloud   Friday 27 April

A point cloud is a set of points in a 3D space. You can view the cloud from different angles and lighting conditions. You can even apply colors and textures to its surfaces. A point cloud is one step away from a full 3D model and sometimes it is more useful.



Andrew Booth and the ARC   Wednesday 02 May

When you think of early pioneering computers you tend to imagine huge monsters with thousands of valves and a team of technicians to match. Small computers started earlier than you might think, as the remarkable story of ARC, an early British computer proves. It was the brainchild of Andrew Booth, also known for Booth's Algorithm



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