VBScript, WMI, and ADSI Unleashed

Author: Don Jones
Publisher: Sams, 2007
Pages: 555
ISBN: 978-0321501714
Aimed at: Beginners
Rating: 4.5
Pros: Clear account well illustrated with examples
Cons: Slow pace if you are not a beginner
Reviewed by: Mike James

VBScript is the only product Microsoft has officially “finished”. No further versions are planned but it will continue to ship in all versions of Windows. Its current role in life is to be used to create administrative scripts that automate tedious and routine tasks. Recently Microsoft introduced PowerShell as an alternative but there are a lot of VBScripts out there and it’s still worth learning all about it. Don Jones does a good job introducing the basics of the language and he also gives you lots of examples of what it can do for you. The first 150 pages are a basic introduction to variables, flow of control and what you need to know in any programming language. After that it becomes increasingly VBScript and Windows specific. Having looked at the range of scripting object available we move into the areas of WMI and ADSI, which are core Windows admin facilities. As the book progresses examples are used to expand the reader’s knowledge of VBScript and programming in general – writing subroutines, testing, debugging, efficiency and so on. The explanations are clear and the presentation is logical. If you are a beginner then it’s an ideal approach and if not this book has still got things to tell you.