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1 We Make Nothing
2 Debugging and the Experimental Method
3 The Real Reason To Learn To Program - The Power
4 Teach Concepts Not Just Code
5 Helping Ops Make Your Life Easier
6 In Praise of Skeuomorphy
7 In Praise of Top Down Programming
8 Programming - A Life Long Challenge
9 More Monitors!
10 What Makes A Programmer
11 Does Math Help Programming Or Programming Help Math?
12 The BBC Micro:bit Which Language?
13 Artificial Intelligence For Better Or Worse?
14 Hackathons Considered Harmful
15 2015 The Programmer's Year
16 Deep Teaching
17 How Jazz Ruined Programming
18 JavaScript The Language With Two Names
19 2014 A Programmer's Year Part II
20 2014 A Programmer's View
21 2014 - A Keynote
22 Weak typing - the lost art of the keyboard
23 Not Dumping .NET - Microsoft's Method
24 Dyslexia and Programming
25 A Comment To The Future Me
26 No Exceptions - Ever!
27 Spreadsheets Are Special
28 Architecture Issues For eHealth Interoperability
29 Heartbleed Makes The Case For Managed Code
30 C# Guru - An Interview With Eric Lippert
31 Developers - Microsoft Is Back!
32 Why The Internet Of Things Has A Problem
33 The Perils Of Mozilla
34 Catalyst And More - An Interview With Matt Trout
35 Is This What It Now Means To Build A Computer?
36 Review Of The Programming Year 2013
37 HTML Apps - The Long Road Yet To Travel
38 Robots Are Rubbish!
39 Web Apps Or Firefox OS Apps?
40 WAT! JavaScript, Ignorance And Prejudice
41 Why The End User Cloud Is Dead
42 Microsoft v The Developers
43 Why Do We Try To Make Programming Like Something Else?
44 Tools Doth A Language Make
45 Is The Start Button Coming Back To Windows 8?
46 Perlito - An Interview With Flávio Glock
47 Windows 8 - The Desktop Destroyer
48 Why PyWeek: An Interview with Richard Jones
49 Teach Code In School - Before It's Too Late!
50 What Every Developer Needs To Know Now
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