UI testing with TestAdvantage
UI testing with TestAdvantage
Monday, 10 May 2010
How do you test a .NET UI? Perhaps the question should really be DO you test your .NET UI? Infragistics' TestAdvantage lets you automate the entire process and  increases the chance that it actually gets done at all.


Testing the UI is a time consuming and error prone task - any help you can get is worth pursuing.

Infragistics' TestAdvantage for Windows Forms 2010 (Vol 1) allows you to test any user interface developed using their NetAdvantage controls.




It takes the form of a set of libraries that integrate with your existing choice of testing IDE. There is a version for HP QuickTest and one for IBM Rational Functional tester.

The basic idea is to provide information about the object model used by the interface so that the testing software can interact with it directly without the need to write any custom interface code. Normally testing environments mimic low level user actions such as mouse and keyboard use. This is tedious and error prone as the UI is navigated mostly by the location of buttons and other controls. What TestAdvantage does is to add "knowledge" of the structure of the interface to the testing environment so that a button can be clicked by its identity rather than location.

With the libraries in place you can record and replay script commands without having to resort to low level methods such as generating mouse co-ordinates and clicks. Working in terms of the interface controls also has the advantage that the scripts run faster and hence you can test more scenarios in a given time.

The claimed benefits are:

  • Gain better coverage and a higher quality product through test automation.
  • Reduce the need for and cost of manual testing with an automated testing process that requires fewer personnel.
  • Effectively institute data-driven testing of NetAdvantage Windows Forms controls-powered applications.
  •  Increase productivity with the time savings as the testing stage finishes faster.

The whole point is that making testing easy means that it will actually be done and hopefully be done well.






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