Chrome 35 Released
Chrome 35 Released
Written by Ian Elliot   
Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Chrome 35 beta was notable for several enhancements targeted at developers. It has now been promoted to the stable version, but not all of its features are included.

The list of fixes and improvements in Chrome 35 for Windows, Mac and Linux provided by Karen Grünberg on the Chrome Releases Blog is:

  • More developer control over touch input

  • New JavaScript features

  • Unprefixed Shadow DOM

  • A number of new apps/extension APIs 

  • Lots of under the hood changes for stability and performance


The new JavaScript features - Promises,WeakMaps and WeakSets, and Object.observe - and the Unprefixed Shadow DOM are as billed last month (see New Chrome Features). However when it comes to developer control over touch input only half of the facilities in the beta have made it through to general availability. The best news is that support for Promises which is now part of the official ECMAScript 6 specification. The sooner it is widely supported the better. 

The enhancement that has progressed is that web content on desktop computers will now receive mouse scroll wheel events with the ctrlKey modifier set, which gives devs the freedom to do something other than simply zooming.

The one that has been delayed is the touch-action CSS property, which provides a mechanism to selectively disable touch scrolling, pinch-zooming, or double-tap-zooming on web content.

Grünberg also notes that 23 security fixes are included in this release and lists six that were discovered by external researchers leading to payouts totalling $9,5000. Two researchers each earned $3000 for high impact vulnerabilities:

  • Use-after-free in styles
  • Integer overflow in audio

Three payouts of $1000 were made, one for a flaw rated High:

  • Use-after-free in SVG

and two for Medium ones:

  • Out-of-bounds read in media filters
  • UXSS with local MHTML file

Another Medium bug was awarded a payout of $500:

  • UI spoofing with scrollbar

Chrome 35 for Android has also been released. Its features include:

  • Undo Tab Close

  • Fullscreen video with Subtitles and HTML5 controls

  • Support for some multi-window devices

  • Support for casting some web videos with Chromecast

Having tested the Chromecast functionality with the edX and FutureLearn platforms, I can now view MOOC videos on a full screen TV rather than my Android which is helpful.




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