NoSQL Predicted To Grow in 2012
NoSQL Predicted To Grow in 2012
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 10 February 2012

A new survey from Couchbase predicts growing adoption of NoSQL in 2012 attributing this to the inflexibility and rigid schemas associated with relational technology.

A new survey from Couchbase predicts growing adoption of NoSQL in 2012. As Couchbase is one of the main players in the NoSQL market, you might think that they would say that, wouldn’t they, but the questions were put to 1,300 developers and IT managers across America, Europe and Asia, and the majority said they will be funding NoSQL projects in the coming year.



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The reason behind the move to NoSQL was given as freedom from the inflexibility and rigid schemas associated with relational technology.

Around half of the respondents said they’ve already funded NoSQL projects in the first half of the year, and in companies with more than 250 developers, nearly 70% will fund NoSQL projects over the course of 2012.

Respondents were asked “What is your biggest expectation/hope for what NoSQL technology will do for you in 2012?” Responses included:

“Free us from the problem of inflexible schemas that are hard to adapt to changing business requirements”

“Replace as much as possible of Microsoft SQL Server”

“My hope is that I can finally stop using MySQL in 2012”

“Free us from Oracle? Increase performance?”

“Allow us to shard billions of documents across multiple commodity servers”

“Faster development and less database contention”

“Help us deploy new features faster without having to manage SQL patch scripts and migrations”

You have to admire the ability of people to hang on to their idealistic dreams in the face of years of harsh reality.




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