NuoDB Challenges NoSQL
NuoDB Challenges NoSQL
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 09 August 2013

NewSQL database NuoDB has been released with support for a range of SQL functions, a preview of the way it will support stored procedures, and support for new drivers and frameworks.

The term NewSQL covers a class of relational databases that aim to provide the scalability of NoSQL alongside traditional support for SQL queries and ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) transactions. The creators of NewSQL databases are attempting to show that NoSQL is not the only way forward, and that other databases can scale out on commodity hardware.

NuoDB co-founder Barry Morris points out that scaling out means you can buy hundreds of thousand-dollar machines for less than you’d pay for one high-end machine, then scale out onto the commodity servers and achieve performances of the order of ten million transactions per second.  

The message about scalability is also delivered in this short promotional video:


You can develop for NuoDB using Java, C++,  JRuby, nodeJS, or PHP, and can run it on Amazon, Google or a local machine running Windows, Linux, or Mac.

The preview of the stored procedures lets developers scale-out their stored procedures to distributed servers for high performance, and run them across multiple hosts in parallel. The procedures use a SQL-based syntax for the specification, with a pluggable language model that can support high-level languages like Java, .NET and JavaScript.

SQL Explorer has been improved in the new version. Eclipse SQL Explorer is a thin SQL client that you can use to query and browse any JDBC compliant databases. The version in NuoDB adds a Schema Definition feature that you can use to define new schemas, tables, columns, and keys. It also adds support for multi-line statements in the query window.  The new release also includes a preview of the Tungsten Replicator, an open source data replication engine for MySQL. It has support for live replication of MySQL databases to NuoDB, and for running NuoDB side-by-side with MySQL. The blog post about the new version says this can

“augment existing OLTP databases for scale-out performance and real-time operational intelligence.”

Other improvements include an enhanced Python driver that "marries Python productivity and ease of programming with the simple elastic scale-out of NuoDB."
It also exposes NuoDB management APIs to Python scripting environments. An open source DJango driver is also included, along with general improvements.

You can download NuoDB Developer Edition for free by creating an account in the NuoDB DevCenter.


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