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81 Happy 50th Birthday Basic - Try QuickVB To Celebrate
82 Linus Torvalds Receives IEEE Computer Pioneer Award
83 IEEE Honors Gary Kildall
84 Microsoft Opens MS-DOS Code
85 Colossus Re-enactment To Mark 70th Anniversary
86 UK National Computer Museum Off-Limits At Bletchley Park
87 Mac Celebrates 30th Anniversary
88 AI's Founding Father Marvin Minsky Wins Award
89 Benedict Cumberbatch As Alan Turing
90 Play Early Console Games In The Browser
91 Charles Babbage Born This Day In 1791
92 Official Pardon For Turing
93 Binary - Older Than You Think
94 Google Doodle Celebrates Grace Hopper's Birthday
95 Windows 1.01, 3.0 and Mac 7 - In A Browser
96 Nominations Invited For Free Software Awards
97 Bill Lowe - IBM PC Pioneer
98 Software From The 80s Running In Your Browser
99 Statutory Pardon For Alan Turing - Update
100 Nobel Prize For Computer Chemists
101 Tributes Abound for Hiroshi Yamauchi Creator Of Nintendo
102 It's Programmer Day - What Are You Going To Do?
103 Bitcoin, BYOD and MOOC Added To Oxford Online Dictionary
104 Computer Graphics Honored By Katayanagi Prizes
105 Turing's Curse - Is There Nothing New Under The Sun?
106 Douglas Engelbart, Inventor Of The Mouse, Dies
107 Online Auction Of Iconic Apple Technology
108 EDSAC Reconstruction Demoed To Celebrate Wilkes Centenary
109 Google Celebrates Baby's 65 Years
110 Apple 1 Sold For Record Price of $668K
111 EDSAC Celebrated 64 Years After First Run
112 CERN Celebrates 20 Years of World Wide Web
113 Google Doodle For Euler & His Beautiful Equation
114 Demaines Become Guggenheim Fellows
115 Recognition for LLVM
116 Vote for Alan Turing's Universal Machine
117 Google Doodle For Hitch Hiker's Guide
118 Father of IBM Born On This Day In 1874
119 15 Years of XML
120 Cumberbatch to Play Turing?
121 Lotus 1-2-3 Launched 30 Years Ago Today
122 WITCH Computer Gains Guinness World Record
123 Tributes for Internet Activist Aaron Swartz
124 Progress With EDSAC Rebuild
125 30 Years of Modern Internet
126 Silicon Valley - A New Documentary
127 New Call For Turing Pardon
128 Apple 1 Breaks Records In Online Auction
129 Ada Lovelace's Anniversary Celebrated With Google Doodle
130 Atlas Computer Switched on 50 Years Ago
131 Pong At 40 - Still A Player
132 World's Oldest Digital Computer Works Again
133 The Influence Of Warren McCulloch
134 GIF Becomes Word Of The Year 2012
135 Ivan Sutherland Presented With Kyoto Prize
136 Rare Three-Rotor Enigma Machine Up For Auction
137 UNIVAC Predicts US Election - On This Day 60 Years Ago
138 Flossie - A Working Computer from the 1960s
139 Campaign for Recognition of Polish Enigma Codebreakers
140 Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day
141 LoveLetters Wins Tony Sale Award
142 The New Colossus Gallery
143 Alan Turing Monopoly Board
144 Turing Lectures From Andrew Hodges
145 Rare Apple I Available at Auction
146 IEEE Milestones for Whirlwind and SAGE
147 Kyoto Prize for Ivan Sutherland
148 Google Doodle - A Turing Machine Puzzle - Update: Play it Now
149 Turing Exhibition and Facebook Timeline
150 ACM Turing Centenary Event
151 Grady Booch Winner of 2012 Lovelace Medal
152 Alan Turing at Bletchley Park
153 Turing and His Times
154 Turing Centennial Celebration at Princeton
155 Award Established for Computer Conservation
156 The Greatest Machine Never Built (Video)
157 ZX Spectrum Turns 30
158 Linus Torvalds - Laureate for the 2012 Milllenium Technology Prize
159 Jack Tramiel Founder of Commodore
160 Ruby Creator Wins Free Software Award
161 Four Generations - Video
162 On This Day in 1890 - Vannevar Bush Born
163 Barbara Liskov Admitted to National Inventors Hall of Fame
164 Turing Year: The Legacy Explored
165 Sponsor a Valve on Colossus
166 Widespread Celebrations But No Pardon For Turing
167 Birthday Greetings to Discoverer of Quicksort
168 Donald Knuth in Alan Turing Year
169 Commemorative Stamp for Alan Turing
170 Alan Turing Year Starts Today
171 On this day in 1951 MESM formally recognized
172 Grace Hopper Born This Day in 1906
173 Alan Turing Year - New Documentary and Lots of Events
174 60th anniversary of world's first business computer LEO
175 Dennis Ritchie Day
176 John McCarthy, Creator of Lisp
177 Leonardo di Caprio to play Alan Turing?
178 Dennis Ritchie, co-creator of Unix and C
179 4th Annual Katayanagi Prizes awarded
180 Ada Lovelace Day 2011
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