Data Mining & Big Data
Data Mining & Big Data
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1 Apache Spark 2.0 Released
2 Apache Spark 2.0 Technical Preview
3 Google Data Studio 360
4 Linux Data Science Virtual Machine
5 Storm Reaches 1.0
6 SandDance Added To PowerBI
7 Census Analyzer Hints At Future
8 Apache Releases Spark 1.6
9 GCHQ Open Sources Gaffer
10 Flink Gets Event-time Streaming
11 Alan Turing Institute Starts Work
12 Spark 1.4 Released
13 Google Cloud Bigtable Beta
14 Azure Big Data Announcements
15 An Algorithm That Knows When You Switch Something On
16 Twitter Anomaly Detection Open Sourced
17 Twitter Can Identify Heart Disease
18 Flink Reaches Top Level Status
19 Twitter Indexes Every Single Tweet Ever
20 Apache Drill Reaches 0.6
21 Google Flu Trends Adopts New Model
22 SalesForce Wave
23 SQL At Hadoop Scale
24 Ruby and R for Enigma
25 GraphLab Create
26 Climate Data From the Cloud
27 UK Government Backs Alan Turing Institute For Big Data
28 Google Flu Still Not Well
29 Hadoop Adds In-Memory Caching
30 Why You Shouldn't Collect Data - What The Government Could Do With Location Data
31 Microsoft Launches Self-Service BI
32 Intel Announces Beta Data Platform
33 DARPA Opens Treasure Trove Of Data And Software
34 Enigma Secures Funding – Extending Access To Public Data
35 Google Mines Music
36 Mining Social Images
37 UK Demand For Big Data Specialists
38 Google Updates Flu Model
39 Hadoop 2 Introduces YARN
40 Twitter Used To Map Happiness In New York
41 Lightweight Analytics from SAP
42 Microsoft Open Sources Big Data REEF
43 The Weird World Of Datalandia
44 Power BI
45 Analytics Big Bang
46 BigQuery Updated and Repriced
47 Google Uses Search Data To Predict Box Office Hits
48 Hadoop SQL Query Engine Launched
49 Google BigQuery Updated
50 Most Businesses Moving To Big Data
51 Google Flu Prediction - Beware The Media Effect
52 Big Data - New Open Access Journal
53 New Center for Data Mining
54 1 Billion Web Pages = 1 Million Dollars?
55 Naiad - Differential Dataflows
56 Data Analytics for Weathering Storms
57 IBM Pure Data
58 Google Civic Information API
59 The Significance Of Big Data
60 Social Networks, Suicide and Statistics
61 New MinuteSort Record Set by Microsoft Research
62 Deep Blue Turns 15
63 Microsoft's New Research Center into Social Data
64 BigQuery Now Open to All
65 Twitter Can't Predict Elections Either
66 How the Music Flows from Place to Place

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