Apache Kibble Software Manager
Apache Kibble Software Manager
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Apache Kibble is now a Top Level Project. Kibble is an activity reporting platform created to collect, aggregate, analyze, and visualize activity in software projects and communities.

Kibble lets you track a project's code, discussions, issues, and individuals through detailed views mapped across specified time periods, ranging from the day-to-day to year-to-year activity of a project, a sub project, a person or an entire organization.

Kibble is the Open Source edition of Snoot, the enterprise project and community reporting platform used by many Apache projects as well as by the ASF for its official reports including the ASF Annual Report. Snoot is used to manage performance metrics for more than 300 Apache projects and nearly 900 million code line changes by more than 6,500 contributors.




There's a demo of Kibble (based on real open source projects) that you can use to view 100 sources of info, ranging from git repos, through mailing lists to bug trackers. The demo currently has 3.5 million source objects such as commits, emails, and tickets, and 10 concurrent users (actual people using the web UI).

According to Rich Bowen, Vice President of Apache Kibble, the project is designed to help define and measure the success of software projects as it's notoriously difficult to work out whether a project is moving to success:

"we want to provide a set of tools that allow a project to define success, and track their progress towards that success, in terms that make the most sense for their community. Apache Kibble is a way to make this happen."

Kibble consists of a Kibble Server that contains the main database and is where sources are managed. This is connected to by the other main element, Kibble Scanner Applications.This is a collection of scanning applications each designed to work with a specific type of resource (a git repo, a mailing list, a JIRA instance etc) and push compiled data objects to the Kibble Server.




More Information

Kibble Website

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