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21 Quantum Computers Animated
22 Tensor Operations Are NP Hard
23 Cannibal Animal Games
24 Finding Solutions To Diophantine Equations By Smell
25 Kenneth Appel Remembered For Four Color Theorem Proof
26 The Life Of Pi - Yes It's Pi Day
27 48th Mersenne Prime Computed
28 Boson Sampling Tests Quantum Computing
29 Unshuffling A Square Is NP-Complete
30 A Paper In A Tweet
31 A Water Droplet-Based Computer
32 A Quantum Computer Finds Factors
33 The Revolution In Evolutionary Game Theory - Prisoners Dilemma Solved?
34 A New Computational Universe - Fredkin's SALT CA
35 What's a Sample of Size One Worth?
36 A Computable Universe - Roger Penrose On Nature As Computation
37 Hidden Markov Models, Viterbi and the Higgs Boson
38 A New Kind of Science Is Ten
39 Goldbach Conjecture - Closer to Solved?
40 Travelling Salesman - A Movie About P=NP
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