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Artificial Intelligence
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141 Google Awards Grants For Natural Language Research
142 Developing Neural Networks
143 A Billion Neuronal Connections On The Cheap
144 Deep Learning Powers BING Voice Input
145 Google Explains How AI Photo Search Works
146 Cat To Human Translation App
147 Deep Learning Finds Your Photos
148 Virtual Machine Learning Summit
149 Evolving Soft Robots
150 Microsoft Wins Award for Infer.NET Bayesian Modeler
151 Kitty Radar Cat Detector
152 Deep Learning Researchers To Work For Google
153 Dumb Robots V Smart Robots
154 Google Helps Tell An Apple From Apple
155 Computer Science Of Prediction - Who Will Win The Oscars
156 Nao Picks Up Discarded Socks
157 Population Learning In Chess
158 The Truth About Spaun - The Brain Simulation
159 New Center Probes AI Risks
160 JSFeat - JavaScript Image Processing Library
161 IBM's TrueNorth Simulates 530 Billion Neurons
162 What Would You Do With A Siri-Like API?
163 NeoFace Recognizes Shoppers
164 Alien FaceHugger v Predator - Face Tracking Hots Up
165 Near Instant Speech Translation In Your Own Voice
166 Free Library Converts 2D Image to 3D
167 Google Uses AI To Find Good Tables
168 Google's Deep Learning - Speech Recognition
169 How To Breed A Face
170 The Singularity is Near - Update: Movie Now Available
171 Poison Attacks Against Machine Learning
172 Drops API and iOS App
173 Kasparov Versus Turing!
174 Largest Turing Test Ever
175 A Neural Network Learns What A Face Is
176 Learning Oriental Ink Painting
177 Correction Facility Added to Google Website Translator
178 Intelligent Robotic Fish Takes to the Sea
179 Mechanical Turk Launches Categorization App
180 Loebner Prize Judges Could Easily Identify Chatbots
181 Game-powered Machine Learning Finds the Music
182 Google Translate Exceeds 200 Million
183 Bletchley Park Hosts 2012 Loebner Prize
184 Face Recognition Applied to Portraits
185 AT&T Voice Recognition API Available in June
186 Cartoon - The Turing Test
187 Face Recognition Adds Age Estimation
188 Using a Flight Sim To Test Ocean Debris Tracking
189 Open Source Kinect Skeleton Tracking
190 Militarizing Your Backyard with Python and AI
191 Computer Competes in Crossword Tournament
192 Google Prediction API 1.5
193 Judea Pearl Latest Winner of Turing Award
194 AI Does Chemistry
195 Siri Horror - Again
196 A Swarm of Quadrotors
197 Evi Overloaded
198 The Perfect Fit - thanks to Kinect-technology
199 AI Can Find Long Lost Relatives
200 Ants AI Challenge Winner Announced
201 Google Uses AI to Find Where You Live
202 Strong v Weak AI - The Chinese Room in 60 seconds
203 One-Shot-Learning Gesture Challenge
204 AI at the Crossroads - predicting who is going to run a red light
205 Siri Enslaved by Proxy
206 Neural Networks for Fossil Discovery
207 DARPA Shredder Challenge
208 What do you get when you add HAL to SIRI?
209 Rosette wins Loebner Prize 2011
210 Take the AI Ants Challenge
211 Iris - Siri for Android proves Apple doesn't have an edge
212 Google’s Prediction API exits labs
213 Changing rooms - let AI arrange the furniture
214 Strongsteam - an online AI API
215 Speech Recognition Breakthrough
216 Two chatbots chat to each other - hilarious and weird
217 runs a competition for an unpaid job
218 China and the rise of the driverless car
219 Your phone detects what you are doing
220 Your tweets give away your gender
221 This website knows when you're angry!
222 Kinect knows what you are doing...
223 Pac-Man meets AI
224 Learn about machine learning with a demo
225 Teaching Robots To Read
226 Music video crowd sourced training data
227 Google Prediction API update
228 Google Prediction API v1.2
229 Google teaches computers regret
230 AI gender detector
231 Predator better than Kinect?
232 Sebastian Thrun on Google's driverless car
233 Augmented Reality App for shelf reading
234 Kinect's AI breakthrough explained
235 Kinect goes self aware - a warning
236 Robot in space
237 Close Finish in Robot Marathon
238 Five contestants race in robot marathon
239 Watson wins on Jeopardy
240 A Robot Marathon
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