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Artificial Intelligence
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121 Replacing the Turing Test
122 Facebook Shares Deep Learning Tools
123 Google Translate - Breaking Down Babel
124 Komodo Is Computer Chess Champion Again
125 The Effects Of AI - Stanford 100 Year Study
126 Skype Translator Cracks Language Barrier
127 Deep Learning Chess
128 The Deep Flaw In All Neural Networks
129 Mechanical Insects Evolve The Ability To Fly Though A Window
130 Machine Learning Pioneer Vladimir Vapnik Joins Facebook
131 Lovelace 2.0 Test - An Alternative Turing Test
132 Neural Networks Describe What They See
133 A Worm's Mind In A Lego Body
134 Neural Turing Machines Learn Their Algorithms
135 Learning To Be A Computer
136 Google DeepMind Expands
137 Synaptic - Advanced Neural Nets In JavaScript
138 Neurokernel - A Fly's Brain
139 Google's Neural Networks See Even Better
140 Robotic Secrets Revealed - A Video
141 New Version of OpenCV in Alpha
142 Google's Self Driving Cars - Not So Smart?
143 This Year's Not-To-Miss AI Movie
144 Realtime Facial Tracking and Animation
145 A Better Turing Test - Winograd Schemas
146 Tracking.js Computer Vision In The Browser
147 Smart Cat Feeder Uses Facial Recognition
148 Microsoft's New Deep Learning System
149 ConvNetJS - Deep Learning In The Browser
150 Machine Learning Goes Azure - Azure ML Announced
151 Deobfuscated JavaScript Through Machine Learning
152 Skype Translator - Communication Without Language Barriers
153 Google Makes A Driverless Car
154 The Flaw Lurking In Every Deep Neural Net
155 New API For Image Tagging
156 Baidu Hires Andrew Ng
157 GaussianFace Recognizes Faces Better Than Humans
158 Google's Deep Learning AI Knows Where You Live And Can Crack CAPTCHA
159 Robot TED Talk - The New Turing Test?
160 An Equation For Intelligence
161 Google Buys Unproven AI Company, Deep Mind
162 The Virtual Evolution Of Walking
163 A New Impetus For IBM Watson
164 Yann LeCun Recruited For Facebook's New AI Group
165 AI Reality Check In Online Dating
166 Never Ending Image Learner Sees, Understands, Learns
167 Micromouse In Slow Mo
168 Your Smartphone Spies On What You Type
169 Mitsuku wins Loebner Prize 2013
170 AI Methods Save The Biosphere!
171 AI Helps With Social Awkwardness
172 Pixy - Low Cost Camera Recognizes Objects
173 Knowledge Engineering Applied to Baby Names
174 Deep Learning Applied To Natural Language
175 AI Is Funny - A Generative Joke Model
176 Anonymouth Hides Identity
177 Machine Learning Speeds TCP
178 Google Has Another Machine Vision Breakthrough?
179 Google Awards Grants For Natural Language Research
180 Developing Neural Networks
181 A Billion Neuronal Connections On The Cheap
182 Deep Learning Powers BING Voice Input
183 Google Explains How AI Photo Search Works
184 Cat To Human Translation App
185 Deep Learning Finds Your Photos
186 Virtual Machine Learning Summit
187 Evolving Soft Robots
188 Microsoft Wins Award for Infer.NET Bayesian Modeler
189 Kitty Radar Cat Detector
190 Deep Learning Researchers To Work For Google
191 Dumb Robots V Smart Robots
192 Google Helps Tell An Apple From Apple
193 Computer Science Of Prediction - Who Will Win The Oscars
194 Nao Picks Up Discarded Socks
195 Population Learning In Chess
196 The Truth About Spaun - The Brain Simulation
197 New Center Probes AI Risks
198 JSFeat - JavaScript Image Processing Library
199 IBM's TrueNorth Simulates 530 Billion Neurons
200 What Would You Do With A Siri-Like API?
201 NeoFace Recognizes Shoppers
202 Alien FaceHugger v Predator - Face Tracking Hots Up
203 Near Instant Speech Translation In Your Own Voice
204 Free Library Converts 2D Image to 3D
205 Google Uses AI To Find Good Tables
206 Google's Deep Learning - Speech Recognition
207 How To Breed A Face
208 The Singularity is Near - Update: Movie Now Available
209 Poison Attacks Against Machine Learning
210 Drops API and iOS App
211 Kasparov Versus Turing!
212 Largest Turing Test Ever
213 A Neural Network Learns What A Face Is
214 Learning Oriental Ink Painting
215 Correction Facility Added to Google Website Translator
216 Intelligent Robotic Fish Takes to the Sea
217 Mechanical Turk Launches Categorization App
218 Loebner Prize Judges Could Easily Identify Chatbots
219 Game-powered Machine Learning Finds the Music
220 Google Translate Exceeds 200 Million
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