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Jul 24 | David Conrad
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SIGGRAPH has just started and before we get lost in the amazing technical advances there is time to pause and take a look at this year's art works in the 2016 Art Gallery.

Marty The Robot Has A Way To Walk
Jul 23 | Lucy Black
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It is not often that a robot, especially a small cheap robot you can actually buy, does something fundamental so differently that you just have to keep watching the video. In this case Marty the robot has a new way of walking. 

July Week 3
Jul 23 | Editor
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If you want to get up to speed on matters that affect you as a developer, I Programmer Weekly is a digest of book reviews, articles and news written by programmers, for programmers.

Intellij IDEA Adds JUnit 5 Support
Jul 22 | Kay Ewbank
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A second update this year for IntelliJ IDEA,  JetBrains' Java IDE for web, desktop and mobile development, has been released with a mix of fixes and new features.

First Hybrid Open-Source RDBMS Powered By Hadoop and Spark
Jul 22 | Nikos Vaggalis
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Splice Machine is a novel attempt to merge the best parts of the traditional relational database management systems and their NoSQL counterparts with distributed and in-memory computing based on Hadoop and Spark.

London Workshops For A Deep Dive Into Development
Jul 21 | Sue Gee
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SDD Deep Dive 2016 takes place in November with a choice of seven 3-day workshops. Book your place before midnight Friday 22nd to save £300.

The Weekly Top 10: eCommerce
Jul 21 | Alex Armstrong
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Ecommerce is the topic of this week's trawl through the wide expanse of the Internet to bring you items of interest that we've not had chance to cover in our daily attempts to cover programming news. 

DirectX Tool Kit For DirectX 12 - 3D For The Rest Of Us?
Jul 20 | Mike James
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Microsoft has announced the extension of the DirectX Tool Kit to DirectX 12. This not only makes DirectX 12 more accessible but highlights the fact that Windows graphics in general has become less accessible. 

DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge AI Will Prevail
Jul 20 | Lucy Black
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Next month Las Vegas will host the Final Event of the DARPA Cyber grand Challenge as an all-computer cyber-defence Capture the Flag tournament. From an initial field of over 100 applicant seven teams will compete for the $3.5 million prize pool.

Microsoft Admits 1 Billion Target Out Of Reach
Jul 19 | Janet Swift
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The writing has been on the wall for months and now Microsoft has admitted that it isn't going to meet its own target of having Windows 10 installed on 1 billion devices within 2-3 years of its release.

Bing Developer Assistant Adds C++ Support
Jul 19 | Kay Ewbank
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There's a major update to Bing Developer Assistant that means it now offers support for C++.

Google Android Developer Certification Exams Underway
Jul 18 | Sue Gee
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Last week Google announced its Associate Android Developer Certification and online exams for this job-oriented credential, intended to help candidates to get an entry-level Android developer jobs, were immediately available on the Udacity platform.

Raspberry Pi Compute Module To Be Upgraded To 3
Jul 18 | Harry Fairhead
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The Raspberry Pi Compute Module is aimed at the "professional" user and is a traditional embedded system, but it is looking a little low on specification. Now we have the news that it is going to be upgraded to the Pi 3's more capable design.

Data Science Competition With Focus on China
Jul 17 | Sue Gee
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A Kaggle contest that opened this week and runs until September 5th offers a top prize of $12,500. It asks Kagglers to  predict the gender and age of mobile device users in China based on their app download and usage behaviors. 

BBC Micro:bit Now On Sale and Shipping
Jul 16 | Lucy Black
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The micro:bit is a remarkable device capable of taking on a variety of roles. Until now it has been the preserve of school children, with one million given away free, via secondary schools. But if you've placed a pre-order for one it should be with you within the new few days. What will YOU DO with it?

July Week 2
Jul 16 | Editor
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If you want to keep up with what's important from the point of view of the developer, you can rely on the IProgrammer team to sift through the news to select items that are of interest and to review the books you might want to read. 

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Book Review

SQL and Relational Theory (3rd Edition)
Friday 22 Jul

Author: C J Date
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pages: 582
ISBN: 978-1491941171
Kindle: 017S0YPOG
Audience:SQL Developers
Rating: 4
Reviewer:Kay Ewbank

This updated edition of a classic on relational theory has added NoSQL to the mix.


Featured Articles

Android Adventures - Activity And UI With Android Studio 2.2
Mike James
article thumbnail

So you know how to create an Android app, but do you really know how it works? In this second part of our ebook on getting started with Android using Android Studio 2.2 we look at how to create a UI and how to hook it up to the code in the Activity.  

jQuery 3 - Selectors
Ian Elliot
article thumbnail

Selectors are what jQuery uses to pick out particular objects in the DOM. While this might start out simply enough, it can appear to be complicated in more testing examples. The trick is to always remember what the selector is doing.

Micro:bit IoT In C - Getting On WiFi
Harry Fairhead
article thumbnail

The BBC micro:bit has a radio that works in Bluetooth LE and point-to-point ad-hoc mode, but at the moment it lacks WiFi connectivity. The solution is to use the low cost ESP8266 to make the connection via the micro:bit's serial port. This is an advanced chapter from Harry Fairhead's latest book, Micro:bit IoT in C.

Achieving Autonomous AI Is Closer Than We Think
Nikos Vaggalis
article thumbnail

AI powered software running on a Raspberry Pi is already capable of beating an experienced pilot in simulated air combat. We look at the ALPHA algorithm and how it might be deployed in the future.

Android Adventures - Getting Started With Android Studio 2.2
Mike James
article thumbnail

Google's Android Studio was recently released at Version 2.2 and there are big changes that make it even easier to create your first Android app. You can get started in a few minutes and by the end of this chapter, fully revised for 2.2,  have your first working Android application. 


Unhandled Exception!
Faust 2.0

Click to view bigger version 

Faust 2.0

Let's face it - as programmers we rely on end users, is there any other type, not reading our terms and conditions. When presented with our requirements, as in Android permission, we have to be much more careful what we ask for. But they really don't read them. There have been a few experiments where terms and conditions have requested that users give up their first born - they still clicked "ok".  
Cartoon - The EULA From Hell

 More cartoon fun at xkcd a webcomic of romance,sarcasm, math, and language


Book Watch

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Murach's SQL Server 2016 for Developers
Wednesday 20 Jul

The 2016 edition of this Murach Classic SQL Server book starts by presenting  the SQL statements that you need to retrieve and update the data in a database. These are the SQL statements that you’ll use every day. Then, it shows you how to design a database, how to implement that design, and how to work with database features like views, scripts, stored procedures, functions, triggers, transactions, security, XML data, BLOB data with FILESTREAM storage, and the CLR integration feature.

<ASIN: 1890774960>

Identity and Data Security for Web Development (O'Reilly)
Monday 18 Jul

Developers, designers, engineers, and creators can no longer afford to pass responsibility for identity and data security onto others. Jonathan LeBlanc and Tim Messerschmidt provide a deep dive into the concepts, technology, and programming methodologies necessary to build a secure interface for data and identity without compromising usability.


Financial Functions With A Spreadsheet (I/O Press)
Friday 15 Jul

Spreadsheets take the hard work out of financial calculations, but you still need to know how to do them. In this revised published version of her I Programmer e-book, Janet Swift explains how to use the spreadsheet of your choice to make financial decisions relating to investments and loans, to understand how inflation affects a cashflow and to get to grips with advanced concepts like the internal rate of return.


Professional C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0 (Wrox)
Wednesday 13 Jul

Complete coverage of the latest updates, features, and capabilities, giving you everything you need for C#. Get expert instruction on the latest changes to Visual Studio 2015, Windows Runtime, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Windows Store Apps, Windows Workflow Foundation, and more, with clear explanations, no-nonsense pacing, and valuable expert insight. This guide serves as both tutorial and desk reference, providing a professional-level review of C# architecture and its application in a number of areas. 


Jump Start Sass (Sitepoint)
Monday 11 Jul

Using Sass, you can write your stylesheets in a more concise, dynamic, and readable way, and cut down many of the tedious repetitive tasks that come with writing vanilla CSS. Sass simplifies your stylesheets, adding some useful features missing from CSS. Most importantly, Sass will save you time.


Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 12 (Mercury)
Friday 08 Jul

Frank Luna provides an introduction to programming interactive computer graphics, with an emphasis on game development using DirectX 12 showing how to use new Direct12 features such as command lists, pipeline state objects, descriptor heaps and tables, and explicit resource management to reduce CPU overhead and increase scalability across multiple CPU cores. 


Learning Swift: Building Apps for OS X and iOS (O'Reilly)
Wednesday 06 Jul

Get hands-on experience with Apple’s Swift programming language by building real working apps. With this practical guide, skilled programmers with little or no knowledge of Apple development will learn how to code with Swift 2 by developing three complete, tightly linked versions of the Notes application for the OS X, iOS, and watchOS platforms. 


Arduino Project Handbook (No Starch Press)
Monday 04 Jul

Beginner-friendly collection of 25 step-by-step projects anyone can build with the Arduino. Clear instructions, full-color images, simple circuit diagrams, and the complete code make it easy for even the newest maker to build fun projects right away. Author Mark Geddes, a lifelong tinkerer and gadget enthusiast, originally wrote this book to teach his kid the joys of electronics and microcontrollers without having to wade through a hundred pages of theory first.


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