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A Single Perturbation Can Fool Deep Learning
Mar 25 | Mike James
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If you have been reading our reports on adversarial images, the headline should come as no surprise. What is a surprise is the way that AI researchers are regarding such images as security threats rather than a deep insight into the way neural nets work. 

Angular 4 Arrives On Schedule
Mar 24 | Ian Elliot
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Angular 4, the latest version of the popular framework for building JavaScript apps and dynamic web pages that is being developed by Google is now out. This is a major release, but backward compatible with Angular 2.x.x.

Couchbase Mobile Version Adds Sync Gateway
Mar 24 | Kay Ewbank
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There's a new version of Couchbase Mobile with a new Sync Gateway Accelerator that makes Couchbase Mobile 1.4 more scalable.

Machine Learning Superstar Andrew Ng Moving On
Mar 23 | Sue Gee
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Having been Chief Scientist at Baidu for almost 3 years, Andrew Ng now plans to leave. He hasn't made his future plans explicit, other than to continue working in AI and to "keep working hard to get AI to help everyone".

jQuery 3.2.1 Is Out - Do We Still Care?
Mar 23 | Ian Elliot
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jQuery 3.2.1 has just been released only a few days after 3.2.0. It raises the question of whether or not jQuery is still relevant?

Android O on the Horizon
Mar 22 | Lucy Black
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The first developer preview of Android O has been released with new features and APIs for developers to start trying out and ironing out the bugs. 

Microsoft Edge Falls Victim At Pwn2Own
Mar 22 | Sue Gee
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This year's 10th anniversary Pwn2Own spanned over thee days rather than the previous two and was won by the team from 360 Security who achieved a full virtual machine escape through Microsoft Edge.

Which Code Editor Do Devs Prefer?
Mar 21 | Harry Fairhead
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Some programmer's think you have to write code the hard way - without much assistance by way of code completion, syntax highlighting. Others of us rely on all of the above and more. OpenSource.com recently opened a poll asking about code editing tools. The results are not what I would have predicted. 

//No Comment - Language Rankings 2017, APL 1.7 & Rust 1.16
Mar 21 | Alex Armstrong
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• The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: January 2017

• GNU APL 1.7 Released

• Announcing Rust 1.16

Guetzli Makes JPEGs Smaller
Mar 20 | David Conrad
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There is a lot of flexibility in how you can configure a JPEG file to best represent an image. Now Google's Guetzli can find optimum settings and so produce files that are up to 45% than other encoders working at the same perceptual quality. 

Google Goes Serverless with Cloud Functions
Mar 20 | Nikos Vaggalis
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The view that serverless is the way of the future is once more reinforced by Google's recent announcement of its Cloud Functions for Firebase. These can be seen as an attempt to catch up with the already established players of the Function-as-a-Service scene, AWS Lambda and Azure Functions.

The Remarkable Rise of Raspberry Pi
Mar 19 | Janet Swift
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Raspberry Pi recently celebrated its 5th birthday and during the celebrations Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced that it had become the third best selling general purpose computer platform, behind only the Mac and the PC.

Another Apple 1 At Auction
Mar 18 | Sue Gee
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The Apple 1 is sufficiently rare for news of one coming up for auction to cause a stir of anticipation. Online auction house, Breker is including one in its forthcoming sale of "Office Antiques, Science & Technology, Fine Toys & Automata" to be held on May, 20, 2017. So why so much interest in 40-year old technology?

March Week 2
Mar 18 | Editor
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Feeling overwhelmed and confused by too much news? If you need to know what's important for the developer, you can rely on  I Programmer to sift through all the news, uncover the most relevant stories and deliver the highlights each week.

Google Home Voice Ad Causes A Reaction
Mar 17 | Mike James
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Voice input is all the rage and it's an interesting new modality. The real question is how are we going to make any money out of it? The obvious answer is to introduce advertising, but this might not be so easy, after all.
It happened!

Google Home spoke an ad and it wasn't well received.

Registration Open For Code Jam 2017
Mar 17 | Sue Gee
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Code Jam is Google's annual coding competition that challenges programmers to solve algorithmic puzzles. It comprises multiple online rounds and concludes in the World Finals, to be held this year at Google's office in Dublin, Ireland.

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Book Review

Big Data Made Easy
Tuesday 21 Mar

Author: Michael Frampton
Publisher: Apress
Pages: 392
ISBN: 9781484200957
Print: 1484200950
Kindle: B00MQUGILM
Audience: Devs and admins new to Big Data
Rating: 4.5
Reviewer: Ian Stirk

This book sets out to be "A Working Guide to the Complete Hadoop Toolset" and is both wide ranging in content, and practical in its approach.


Featured Articles

Getting Started with jQuery UI
Ian Elliot
article thumbnail

jQuery UI is built to work with jQuery. If you are  already using jQuery, it is recommended as an addin to make your pages look like more than just HTML. Let's see how easy it is to get started with this excerpt of Ian Elliot's new book, Just JQuery: The Core UI.

Insider's Guide To Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree
Nikos Vaggalis
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The Android Developer Nanodegree, designed by Google and delivered through Udacity's platform, is for intermediate Java developers, or even those experienced in other object-oriented languages, looking to start developing for Android. As such it teaches the tools, principles, patterns and conventions pertaining to Android.

A Programmer's Guide To Octave
Mike James
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Octave is an open source language, mostly compatible with MatLab, that makes doing difficult math easy. It supports matrix operations and has lots of different types of built-in mathematical operations. It isn't as well known as it deserves to be, and if you are a programmer it can be difficult to find out what you need to know. Hence a programmer's guide.

Password Cracking RAR Archives With Perl
Nikos Vaggalis
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Cracking RAR archives is something not yet achievable as the format has no known vulnerabilities.Let me correct that, no known vulnerabilities as far as unlocking an encrypted RAR archive without the use of a password goes. In this article we look at password cracking by dictionary attack.  Along the way we explore how to turn a single threaded Perl/Tk GUI application into a multi-threaded one.

Programming - A Life Long Challenge
Mike James
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What is it that makes programming more than just an occupation? It's that chance it gives you to see things from the inside out. And watching a beginner gives insights into what it is all about.


Unhandled Exception!


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I really doubt this. Given the number of websites that refuse to accept creditcard or telephone numbers that include spaces, I think the problem of removing redundant spaces is much harder, possibly NP hard, and certainly not something the CIA could have cracked in polynomial time. 

   More cartoon fun at xkcd a webcomic of romance,sarcasm, math, and language


Book Watch

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Kotlin in Action (Manning)
Friday 24 Mar

Dmitry Jemerov and Svetlana Isakova guide experienced Java developers from the language basics of Kotlin all the way through building applications to run on the JVM and Android devices. Their book is designed to teach developers to use the Kotlin language for production-quality applications with many examples covering topics like building DSLs with natural language syntax.


RESTful Web Clients (O'Reilly)
Monday 20 Mar

Web-based REST and hypermedia-style APIs are becoming more common, but many developers rely on custom client code instead of applying the same techniques and patterns to hypermedia clients. In this book subtitled "Enabling Reuse Through Hypermedia", Mike Amundsen shows how to move from one-off implementations to general-purpose client apps that are stable, flexible, and reusable.


Introducing Elixir 2nd Ed (O'Reilly)
Thursday 16 Mar

In this hands on introduction, authors Simon St. Laurent and J. David Eisenberg show you how Elixir combines the robust functional programming of Erlang with an approach that looks more like Ruby, and includes powerful macro features for metaprogramming. Updated to cover Elixir 1.4, the second edition of this practical book helps you write simple Elixir programs by teaching one skill at a time.


Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services and Mobile Reports (Wrox)
Wednesday 15 Mar

This book covers business intelligence (BI), operational reporting and Reporting Services architecture using a clear, concise tutorial approach. Paul Turley discusses effective report solution design, and shows how to improve your own reports with advanced, best-practice design, usability, query design, and filtering techniques. 


Understanding the Digital World (Princeton University Press)
Monday 13 Mar

With the subtitle "What You Need to Know About Computers, the Internet, Privacy, and Security", this book by  Brian W. Kernighan, co-author of the classic K&R book "The C Programming Language", covers how computers are built and how they compute; what programming is and why it is difficult; how the Internet and the web operate; and how all of these affect our security, privacy, property, and other important social, political, and economic issues.


Thoughtful Machine Learning with Python (O'Reilly)
Thursday 09 Mar

By teaching you how to code machine-learning algorithms using a test-driven approach, this practical book aims to help you gain the confidence you need to use machine learning effectively in a business environment. The book shows how to dissect algorithms at a granular level, using various tests, and discover a framework for testing machine learning code. The author Matthew Kirk provides real-world examples to demonstrate the results of using machine-learning code effectively.


Beginning Android Programming with Android Studio, 4th Ed (Wrox)
Wednesday 08 Mar

The Android 7 release (New York Cheesecake) boasts significant new features and enhancements for both smartphone and tablet applications. J. F. DiMarzio takes a hands-on approach to teaching you how to create Android applications for the latest OS and the newest devices, including both smartphones and tablets. Backed by real-world examples he goes through all phases of Android application development, from getting acquainted with Android Studio to publishing to the Marketplace.


Just jQuery: The Core UI (I/O Press)
Monday 06 Mar

jQuery has developed from its original intent as a way to smooth over the differences in the way browsers interact with JavaScript, into a much more powerful tool that fully lives up to its motto of "write less, do more". As a result jQuery is compact and can seem cryptic until you get used its common idioms. Written for JavaScript developers working with web page layout, Ian Elliot's book enables you to use jQuery easily and efficiently. It also cuts through its seeming complexity, by presenting enough explanation at every stage for you to understand what is happening.


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