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Cumberbatch As Turing - Trailers Released
Jul 22 | Lucy Black
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Two official trailers have been released for "The Imitation Game", the biopic in which the role of Alan Turing is depicted by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Oracle Big Data SQL
Jul 21 | Kay Ewbank
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A unified query tool that you can use to ask questions across mixed SQL, Hadoop and NoSQL data sources has been released by Oracle.

Self Assessment For Programmers
Jul 21 | See Gee
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A useful proficiency matrix has been produced that could be used to track your own progress when learning to program or to advertise your skillset to prospective employers.

The Next Version Of PHP And The Status Of PHPng
Jul 21 | Ian Elliot
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If the current version of PHP is 5.x, what should the next version be called? Obviously it should be 6.x. Why then is there a proposal that it should be 7.x? And as PHPng gets ever faster, is it PHP 5.7, PHP 6.0 PHP 7.0 or even PHP 8.0?

Smart Cat Feeder Uses Facial Recognition
Jul 20 | Lucy Black
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An Indiegogo campaign for a smart cat feeder that can monitor your cat's health by tracking appetite and weight change has already met its target, demonstrating a new role for AI in the home.

Finding Beautiful Walking Routes
Jul 19 | Janet Swift
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Yahoo researchers are working on an alternative approach to providing directions to pedestrians. Instead of simply the shortest route, they  want to suggest routes that are both short and pleasant.

July Week 2
Jul 19 | Editor
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With all the summer distractions, it's hard to keep focused on the news feeds. So, let I Programmer do it for you and simply consult our weekly digest of news, book reviews and articles to keep you up to speed. This one covers July 10 - 16.

Jibo The Friendly Robot Could Be Your Next Platform
Jul 18 | Lucy Black
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We keep waiting for the robot revolution - no not that robot revolution, the one where robots help around the home. Now an MIT Media Lab roboticist has gone to the crowd for some funds to build Jibo, the friendly and hopefully helpful robot. 

Chrome 36 Out Chrome 37 In Beta
Jul 18 | Alex Armstrong
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Chrome 36 has security fixes, a few improvements for all users and a couple of developer features. Chrome 37 is now in beta. What does it have to offer?

Microsoft Discontinues Android, Asha and S40
Jul 18 | Mike James
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As well as the sad news of large scale layoffs at Microsoft, there are also some phone casualties. 

Mozjpeg 2 Makes Pictures Smaller
Jul 17 | Ian Elliot
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Do we need a new image format? Mozilla thinks not and getting better performance is all a matter of using what we have better. 

Kinect SDK 2 Dumps Kinect V1
Jul 17 | Mike James
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It is both a sad and a happy day. The new Kinect V2 is being shipped to eager programmers and SDK 2 is available for download. But the lack of any backward compatibility in SDK 2 is the end of the line for the original Kinect V1.

Microsoft's Android Patents Found Wanting
Jul 16 | Alex Armstrong
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After details were revealed of the  Android Patents that Microsoft uses within licensing deals with handset manufacturers, a report casts doubt on the validity of many of them.

Microsoft Apportals - The Rediscovery Of The Hierarchical Start Menu
Jul 16 | Lucy Black
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Microsoft is in a real mess thinking-wise. After removing the hierarchical start menu from Windows 8, and insisting that the Start screen was miles better, it has just reintroduced a hierarchical start screen under the name Apportals.

Project Kotlin Moves On
Jul 16 | Kay Ewbank
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The team behind Project Kotlin has a new milestone release, an open source website and new documentation.

Microsoft's New Deep Learning System
Jul 15 | Sue Gee
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Microsoft Research has joined in the deep learning gold rush and has produced a photo classifier based on neural networks. Project Adam is claimed to be fifty times better than its rivals - but is it enough to be claimed as a highly disruptive breakthrough.

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Book Review of the Day

C Primer Plus (6th Ed)
Monday 21 Jul

Author: Stephen Prata
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Pages: 1080
ISBN: 978-0321928429
Audience: Beginners
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Mike James

C is still a language worth learning and knowing about. 


Featured Articles

Clive Sinclair And The Small Home Computer Revolution
Harry Fairhead
article thumbnail

Not every computer innovation originated in the United States. Clive Sinclair was a designer who could make one transistor do the work of two or more. He built low cost and futuristic electronics by doing things different.

Keeping Track of Computer Science Courses
Sue Gee
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In the last three years we've witnessed an explosion. From an initial three free online computer science courses there are now over a hundred to choose from and keeping up with them all is an increasingly difficult juggling task. Luckily there are websites to help.

What's The Matter With Pointers?
Mike James
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Back in the days when C was the language of choice, pointers meant programming and vice versa. Now in the more sophisticated and abstract days of C#, and even C++, raw pointers are a facility that is provided but not really encouraged. Are pointers really as bad as the Goto?


Unhandled Exception! -   Su Doku


Su Doku  

 More cartoon fun at xkcd a webcomic of romance,sarcasm, math, and language

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Book Watch

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QuickBooks 2014 on Demand (Que)
Monday 21 Jul

If you have questions about using Intuit's small buinsess accounting package QuickBooks, Gail Perry and Michelle Long provide answers in a visual step-by-step format with lots of full color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions. Numbered steps guide you through each task including new QuickBooks features for 2014 - Income Tracker, Bank Feeds, and Rules.


Modern Mathematics and Applications in Computer Graphics and Vision (World Scientific)
Friday 18 Jul

Presents a comprehensive overview of modern mathematical concepts, models, methods and tools with applications in computer graphics, computer vision and machine learning. Hongyu Guo covers 15 topics arranged in three parts: algebra, geometry and topology, with an emphasis on tensors and manifolds, and there's a separate part on applications.


Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS & HTML5 (O'Reilly)
Thursday 17 Jul

In this step-by-step guide to creating dynamic websites, Robin Nixon first explore each technology separately and then shows how to use them together, demoing up valuable web programming practices along the way. At the end of the book, you’ll put everything together to build a fully functional social networking site.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Unleashed 2013 (Sams)
Wednesday 16 Jul

Start-to-finish guidance for planning, customizing, deploying, integrating, managing, and securing both cloud and on-premise based versions of Dynamics CRM from Dynamics implementer Marc Wolenik. Covers Dynamics CRM 2013 including its revamped “Flow” interface and advanced cross-platform mobile client support and many features first introduced in Microsoft’s “Polaris” and Update Rollup 12.


The Rails 4 Way (Addison-Wesley)
Tuesday 15 Jul

For the third edition of  the comprehensive, authoritative guide to delivering production-quality code with Rails, Kevin Faustino joins Obie Fernandez to illuminate the entire Rails 4 API, including its  idioms, design approaches, and libraries. They present extensive new and updated content on security, performance, caching, Haml, RSpec, Ajax, the Asset Pipeline, and more.


Getting Started with OpenShift (O'Reilly)
Monday 14 Jul

Interested in developing web applications in the cloud? In this slim hands-on introduction to OpenShift, the open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering from Red Hat, present the steps necessary to build, deploy, and host a complete real-world application on OpenShift, without you having to read long, detailed explanations of the technologies involved.


Pro SQL Server Internals (Apress)
Friday 11 Jul

Covering multiple SQL Server versions from 2005 to 2014, Dmitri Korotkevitch explains how different SQL Server components work “under the hood” and how they communicate with each other. He explores new SQL Server 2014 features including the new Cardinality Estimator, In-Memory OLTP Engine (codename Hekaton), and Clustered Columnstore Indexes.


Professional Tizen Application Development (Wrox)
Thursday 10 Jul

Tizen is an open source, HTML5–centric platform designed for multiple device categories. Written by experts, this guide includes chapters on both web and native application development, covering subjects such as location and social features, advanced UIs, animations, sensors and multimedia and is a comprehensive resource for learning how to develop apps suitable for a range of smart devices.


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